Kate Winslet won't undress in movies

titleKate Winslet has never refused to strip in front of the camera - in that case, of course, if it was justified by the script."I'm constantly asked about it because I seem to have stripped almost in every film. But in each case, the nudity was necessary. Frankly, I still hate every second. But, on the other hand, when I watch a movie in which a woman having sex in clothes, I can't stop myself from thinking: "Hey! She needs to be naked!". . . Читать полностью -->

Leading was hysterical live

titleThe Romanian National TV channel fined fifteen hundred dollars for leading tantrum live, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to British newspaper Metro.The scandal occurred during the television show, where viewers are invited to call a mobile phone in the Studio and leading to guess the word. Not waiting for phone calls from viewers, enraged leading began to scream into the camera, threw the phone on the floor and began to jump on it, and after finally it was crushed."I want the phone rang now! Now! Call now!" - shouted presenter, who worked on the program over three years.After the incident, she was fired, and the national Council for audiovisual Romania has decided to fine the TV station and called the tantrum leading "unreasonable fury"."Perhaps I over-reacted, but I wanted people called," you are under pressure, when I encourage people to call and give the correct answer. It was a bad day," explains his behavior leading.The Council also ordered the channel does not show the transfer earlier than 22:00, to shield from view of the children. Source: Leading was hysterical live. . . Читать полностью -->

Babkina catastrophically stout

titleBlack color is known to have a very useful property to visually reduce the volume, including the female body.Apparently, this property of black things decided to take advantage of Nadezhda Babkina, when I worked on one recently for a couple of concerts with her lover Eugene Gore. 't helped.The paparazzi still noticed some changes in the figure of the artist. After a triumphant deliverance from 36 kilograms singer has long maintained such works gained new weight. This winter gift for Hope Bonner has not passed. The singer now, chubby cheeks, and other parts of the body is also slightly increased in size, write "Paparazzi". Source: Gorky catastrophically stout. Читать полностью -->

Kate moss walked pretty in the company of a boyfriend

titleKate moss fairly recently walked in the company of her boyfriend Jamie Hince and friends in a night club Shoreditch House. The paparazzi, of course, were there as here.Thanks to them we saw a strange scar on his cheek centerfolds. The kitten that she did? But, on the other hand, Jamie sported a big bruise under his eye that suggests that the lovers quarreled with assault. If he did, it obviously didn't affect their relationship! However, maybe Kate did quarrel not with him but with the one who was jealous of him, and he just got under the hand:)Before heading to the pub, Kate along with Jamie and her daughter Lila attended a Christmas party for Stella McCartney's Christmas light switch-on, which the daughter of sir Paul organized in their fashion store. Let's see how it all began and how it ended! Source: Kate moss considerably walked in the company of a boyfriend (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Work Tsereteli - in the list of the ugliest buildings in the world

titleWebsite VirtualTourist.com published a list of the "10 ugliest buildings and monuments of the world" based on the reviews of its readers and editors.So, here it is:1. The City Council building in Boston, Massachusetts.2. The Montparnasse Tower; Paris, France.3. "Golden horseshoe". . . Читать полностью -->

Ricky Martin with their children in People and Hello

titleRicky Martin spoke about the twins, Valentino and Matteo - he was photographed with them for the magazines People and Hello! - and gave a short interview. Asked to describe his new life, the young father ovatel the following: "I'm so happy!All kids do, from smiling to crying - it's all me as if the blessing of God. Being a father is a wonderful feeling. This is the most spiritual experience in my life.". . . Читать полностью -->

Famous supermodel has posed naked

titleFamous model and actress Shalom Harlow photographed Nude for the first winter issue of Purple Magazine.This woman is notable because it marks 35 years old, but she's still in the modeling business, and to give in not going.Canadian diva has retained a youthful smoothness to skin. Explains it with a healthy lifestyle and proper care. Not less valued and body beauty.Nude charms of a Mature woman overshadow what little I can offer to the public of her younger colleagues in the modeling business.She earns $ 2 million a year and still is the "face" of several major cosmetic and jewelry companies.Shalom was a model for advertisement of houses Versace (Versace"), Donna Karan (Donna Karan"), Jil sander (Jil Sander), Dolce and Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana), "Max Mara" ("Max Mara") and Chanel (Chanel) and also for advertising fragrances Coco Chanel.Played in the film "Input and output" ("In and Out") the role of stunted narcissist the model. Has appeared in the films "Upside down" ("Head Over Heels") (2001), "How to lose a guy in 10 days" ("How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days") (2003),"Melinda and Melinda" ("Melinda and Melinda") (2004).By the way, the first photo shoot Harlow was held ELLE Quebec - at the beginning of the 90's. In a matter of months, the girl became famous. But in childhood I dreamed to become an astronaut. Читать полностью -->

Official Mandelson suspect in connection with Deripaska

titleThe story of a compromising relationship between the new Minister of trade of great Britain Peter Mandelson and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska acquires new details.It became known that in his tenure as EU Commissioner for trade Mandelson repeatedly dined with the head of RUSAL in Moscow and visited his yacht in Corfu. Then the officer allegedly lobbied the reduction of tariffs on imports of primary aluminum in Europe, writes The Daily Telegraph.Now, when the officer takes office as Secretary-EU business, its communication under closer scrutiny. Mandelson claims that he never spoke with a Russian billionaire on fees and simply had fulfilled his duties as Commissioner.However, in his blog assistant official Benjamin Wegg-Prosser recklessly disclosed details of the "friendship" of Mandelson and Deripaska, and hence their meetings in an informal setting. The first time the Commissioner and the oligarch had lunch at cafe Pushkin, together with the co-chair of the insurance Fund Nathaniel Rothschild and the Minister of trade of the RF German Gref. The second time, according to Wegg-Prosser, who was present at both events, Mandelson and Deripaska argued at dinner about the latest developments in the world economy."In one of the recent business trips to Moscow, Peter spent the entire day at our country house," writes the living in Russia Wegg-Prosser. - We wanted to go for a walk, but the street was minus 20 degrees, so that we reached only to the end of the path and returned. Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom has put the organizers spicy condition

titleOne of the first beauties of Hollywood, who sigh for millions of fans around the world, gracing their Russian part of his presence in Moscow.The main news was passed from mouth to mouth female fans "pirate" Orlando bloom, was the lack beside him charming bride Miranda Kerr, which was to accompany the actor on a trip abroad.Oil was added to the fire information about piquant condition that put Orlando in front of the organizers. The actor demanded that his driver throughout the stay in Moscow was a beautiful girl. Of course, the welcoming party was ready to satisfy the slightest whim of a celebrity, so at the airport bloom already met dazzling beauty on the Land Rover. However, and this hot macho was not enough. Therefore, closer to the night in company with the star there were two cute girls...Orlando bloom set foot on Russian soil in the evening of the 14th of November. Brave pirate from "pirates of the Caribbean", contrary to expectations, has not arrived at the "Black pearl", and, as befits a mere mortal, took the plane.Fans couldn't believe their luck: finally they could see their idol in the flesh and very close. Читать полностью -->

Basque abandoned son because of being too busy

titleSinger Nikolay Baskov and his ex-wife Svetlana Spiegel has lived legally married six years. This Union was disbanded despite having a young son, Bronislaw. Divorce broke out, when my baby was just a year and a half.On the causes of divorce and its consequences then there were a lot of rumors. Must have known one thing: to keep warm relations between spouses failed.In this situation, the Basques have not seen it possible for her to communicate with her son, and Svetlana did not insist. The baby singer always said with some bitterness, hoping that time will put everything in its place.Now, when the moment of parting Nicholas and Svetlana year has passed and emotions calmed down a little, Bronislaw still barely see my dad. According to the ex-wife of the artist, he gave up the baby because of the excessive employment."Rarely seen, because dad is constantly on tour," says Svetlana. Читать полностью -->

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