Eminem will release two albums at once

titleRapper Eminem has announced that it will release in 2009 two new records. This writes Pitchfork. Previously it was assumed that he would be limited to one release. CD "Relapse" will be released on may 19, "Relapse 2" to the end of the year."Many expected "Relapse" * released last year. I was one of them, " said Eminem in its official press release. - Then [producer Dr.] Dre and I went back to the Studio for a couple of days in September and it was delayed for six months"."We have suffered; as a result, we made a ton of new music, which was produced by Dre, said Eminem. Читать полностью -->

Family grief Yulia Savicheva

titleThe sad event occurred in the family of the singer Yulia Savicheva. "Fabricante" seriously ill beloved grandmother Lyudmila Georgievna.Because of this sad news Julia threw all their important business and tour and flew to his native mound to check on and support a loved one.No wonder Julia Savicheva - favorite "fabricante" Alla Pugacheva. It is known that the Diva always allocates sincere people, which is, of course, and Julia Savicheva.For example, on the TV show "Star ice" TV channel "Russia" Alla Borisovna came in the flesh, only to personally present the gift to Julia for participating in the show.It was at the ice show, the Diva said that Julia has all positive human qualities. And it is not surprising that the young singer always takes care of their people and even the fans, presenting them with gifts and attention.She particularly supports the work of his old grandfather, who has a craving to draw. Julia notifies his canvases, brushes and paint.The news that grandma had a severe pain in the legs, heavily distressed star granddaughter, and she immediately sent a large parcel with expensive drugs in his hometown of barrow. In the mail was not only a cure, but a healing mud for feet with Dead sea. Читать полностью -->

Volochkova's going after the oligarchs

titleNo sooner had the enterprising ballerina Anastasia Volochkova to divorce her husband, as already looking at candidates for the vacant position.As it is impossible by the way in Moscow opened the exhibition with the speaker called Millionaire Faire - opening took place in "Crocus Expo" at the 66th kilometer of the Moscow ring road. There Anastasia slowly started coming out of depression. And really perk up from what it was.- Nastya, you are beautiful! I really want to meet you closer, " said languidly one of the guests of the exhibition.Glancing admirer precise glance, Volochkova smiled approvingly. Respectable owner of a shipbuilding company in a black tuxedo with bowtie Anastasia is clearly attracted. The former will accept the Bolshoi theatre is not confused by such a pressure. Star coyly replied the millionaire in return.- Write down my phone number, " said the blonde.- Dictate. Читать полностью -->

Kate Hudson in Elle magazine

titleFamous actress Kate Hudson decided to try myself as a model.Source: Kate Hudson in Elle magazine (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The death of Heath Ledger will show on TV

titleThe tragic death of actor Heath Ledger starring in the film "the Dark knight", inspired the creation of an episode about it in a crime drama on TV Law & Order, reports the New York Post.According to a source close to the series, the plot of the episode of Law & Order main character is a man working in the modeling industry."He did a terrific career, is popular among women. One day he goes to have fun in the club and goes out with girl". It clarifies the source, "the house of the young man couple making love and taking drugs, and the next morning each model finds him dead".We will remind, the actor Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose in January of this year. Source: Death of Heath Ledger will show on TV. . . Читать полностью -->

Medvedev congratulated Muravyov's anniversary

titleDmitry Medvedev congratulated the actress of theatre and cinema, the actress of the State academic Maly theatre of Russia Irina Muravyov, reported the press service of the Kremlin."The multi-faceted talent, a bright personality and unique style helped You to reach the true heights of professional skill and to win the hearts of many fans, - said, in particular, in his telegram to the President. Source: Medvedev congratulated Muravyov's anniversary. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Edinburgh gallery buy paintings by Titian

titleNational gallery of Scotland has collected ВЈ 50 million required for the purchase of the painting by Titian, "Diana and Actaeon" from its owner, the Duke of Sutherland, wrote on Sunday the British newspaper The Times.Funds to purchase the painting, exhibited in the National gallery in Edinburgh since 1945, was required to collect up to 31 December 2008. Otherwise, the owner of the paintings were going to put "Diana and Actaeon" at a public auction.The required amount is told to the edition a source close to the campaign to collect donations to purchase the painting, already assembled and unique canvas will not leave the National gallery of Scotland.According to The Times, ВЈ 10 million on the repurchase of Titian will give the Scottish government, 12 million national gallery in London, a further 2 million pounds will be allocated from the Fund of the National gallery of Scotland. In addition, 8 million pounds for the purchase of paintings donated by individuals and companies.Earlier it was reported that more than 10 million pounds to "Diana and Actaeon" will give the Ministry of culture, media and sport through the state memorial Foundation "National heritage". From what source received another 8 million pounds, the newspaper did not specify, saying only that managed to find all of the required amount.In the National gallery of Scotland is another work by Titian, owned by the Duke of Sutherland, - "Diana and Callisto". This canvas Museum must buy back from the owner until 2012. The cost of "Diana and Callisto" will also be 50 million pounds. Читать полностью -->

Mickey Rourke insulted Jericho

titleOn Sunday at the awards ceremony of the Guild of film actors Mickey Rourke said something about what may later regret.He noted that he loved his work in the film "the wrestler" took professionals - members of the world Association of wrestlers. Not pleased its only a review of Chris Jericho - superstars of wrestling, by the way. In connection with this Mickey and said he wants to fundamentally drive him around the ring - like lettuce.Jericho felt insinuations Rourke offensive, noting that the actor is a little overdone, and that it was big of him is a mistake. And here is the result: 5 April'rourke will have to answer for their words in real fight with Jericho. Mickey claims that is ready for battle. So let's see how! Source: Mickey Rourke insulted Jericho. Читать полностью -->

Taisiya Povaliy got married new year's eve

titleAccording to the singer Taisia Povaliy on new year's day she and her husband Igor Lihuta celebrate a double holiday - New year, and wedding anniversary. Future husband saw a lady at the pictures and fell in love at first sight.He asked friends to find "this gorgeous blonde". Their meeting was crucial. Lovers New year is celebrated already husband and wife. After all, they got married on December 31.Despite 15 years of marriage, according to her, her husband for her all the same Santa Claus that takes the. "The only difference is that from Santa Claus get the presents only in childhood, and her husband gives them to me every day!", - said Taisia.Meanwhile, the new year's eve has become a tale for two in one of the star family. Читать полностью -->

Television critics named the best film of 2008

titleThe Association of television critics Broadcast Film Critics Association named it the best film of 2008 picture "Slumdog Millionaire" (Slumdog Millionaire) directed by Danny Boyle.14th awards ceremony film awards was held on Thursday evening in Los Angeles.Boyle also won the prize for best Director. In addition, worked on "the Millionaire from slums" screenwriter Simon Bopha (Simon Beaufoy and composer A. R. Rahman (A. R. Rahman) won awards in their respective categories, and by starring Deva Patel (Dev Patel) was recognized as the best young actor."The dark knight" Christopher Nolan won in the nomination "the best film in action genre", Heath Ledger posthumously won the award in the nomination "best supporting actor". Читать полностью -->