Marat Basharov left his wife to Navka

titleRoman Marat Basharova and Tatiana grooves, which have long ceased to be a mystery, did destroy the family life of the actor.In his romantic relationship with skinny beautiful wife Elizabeth point bold.A four year old daughter Marat stays with the mother, and the inspired Navka is still the lawful wife of the famous coach Alexander Zhulin.GapAfter two years of agonizing silence wife Marat Basharova Lisa admitted that she divorced her husband and child she left.- We parted with Marat forever, " says Lisa. - He is now permanently with navcol. They work, which grew into personal life.It is very difficult to describe what now feels Lisa. Fragile blonde who lived with Basharov many years, bore him a hell of a charming daughter Amelie and lived with him all his UPS and downs. Lisa was next and when Marat had no money, being an aspiring actor, and when he became one of the most popular stars in the country.- Of course, it hurts me, with sadness in his voice recognized the ex-wife of actor. But nothing can be done, it happened. Читать полностью -->

Emma Watson ashamed of their sexuality

titleEmma Watson told the British newspaper Mail on Sunday that he is not going to do anything specifically to get rid of the image of Hermione Granger."I'm not going to deliberately do something different, or something to shock people," admitted the 18-year-old Emma. - Maybe I'd undress for the film Bernardo Bertolucci - if it was really important for my character. BUT I wouldn't undress just for the sake of being different at Hermione"."I was terribly confused by this whole concept of "sexuality". If I do a photo shoot - for some reason people desperately want to change me to dye my hair blond, draw eyebrows, to make a Bang feathers. And I don't like to wear revealing clothes to take pictures. I don't think it's sexy. Читать полностью -->

Geri Halliwell and her friend got busted for intimate caresses

titleThe singer is resting on a beautiful island with her boyfriend-Italian Fabrizio Politi, who entertains the most beloved gentle ways, do not hesitate...The former lead singer of the Spice Girls don't do the big breaks in my personal life.No sooner had she to part with one boyfriend, immediately started Dating another.In early December, Jerry appeared in public with nightclub owner Nick House, and at the end of the month she was noticed in the society of the Italian millionaire Fabrizio Politi.It turned out that "peppercorn" decided to break up with Nick. He has enriched the collection of her exes, including singer Robbie Williams and the famous British comedian David Walliams."With the Policy they have everything seriously," says an informed source. - Fabrizio and Jerry fell in love with each other. She can't still believe how quickly it happened. Politi gets along well with Jerry's daughter, the lovers met together Christmas and New year.". . Читать полностью -->

Edita Pieha in broken-down

titleSinger Edita, even after celebrating its 70th anniversary, was not going to leave the stage. Of course, at times she suffered health problems, but every time the actress tried to cope with illnesses and I went back to my audience.Unfortunately, in November Edite Stanislavovna had to take a break and postpone their performances. The reason to abandon the tour the singer is the most serious. As reported on the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the EHA was taken to hospital with pre-stroke condition.How long the singer will stay in the hospital, is still unknown. In any case after discharge Edite Stanislavovna will need to recuperate.The next concerts of the stars in relation to her state of health is transferred or cancelled. So, scheduled for November 13 concert in the city of Tula will not take place, the audience is invited to take the tickets at the ticket counter.This is not the first forced break in creative activities Edita Piekha. Читать полностью -->

Tarzan decided to change the image

titleSexy husband of the singer Natalia Koroleva, more famous orangutan Tarzan seems to have decided to change the image and become... a man-wolf.To this solution famous artist Sergey Glushko came on tour in Tambov. Imbued with local flavor and history of the ancient city Tarzan suddenly felt the spirit of the Tambov wolf, and hastened to demonstrate. The singer put on a t-shirt with the inscription "the Tambov wolf" and good to the fans with the words: "I am now your wolf!". Source: Tarzan decided to change the image. . Читать полностью -->

Vanessa Hudgens appears in the film `new Moon`

titleIt became known that Vanessa Hudgens will not appear in the movie "new Moon".A casting Director said they were not going to introduce the character of Leah, which claimed Hudgens, until the third part. But this does not mean that Vanessa still get this role.Melissa Rosenberg also said that the actors already went to Vancouver to start filming the long-awaited second part of vampire history. She admitted that she admires the new film and the cast is now in anticipation of filming. Source: Vanessa Hudgens appears in the movie "new Moon"". . . Читать полностью -->

Gwen Stefani showed son in the photo

titleGwen Stefani decided not to sell pictures of their newborn son Zuma glossy magazines, as it is now common among Hollywood stars (although suggestions from publications Gwen did, and very tempting).Diva just posted on its official website very tender and touching photo in which she is depicted with a baby in her arms.Now all the fans of Gwen can share with her the joy of her appearance in the family of a second child. Source: Gwen Stefani showed son in the photo. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Heroes `Twilight` visited Tokyo

titleSo waited for the Japanese fans of "Twilight" the long-awaited premiere. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived in Tokyo.Source: Heroes 'Twilight' visited Tokyo (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The bride of Vladimir Tishko was in a car accident

titleThe bride is the popular TV presenter Vladimir Tishko Emilia Vishnevskaya arranged road accident in Central Moscow. The incident occurred in the center of Moscow to Brest street, at that moment, Amelia was heading towards the house.However, at a difficult crossroads in the girl crashed BMW with numbers of AAA. Completely smashing the right wing of her car, the driver refused to call the traffic police. The culprit tried to settle the trouble and began to offer money Emilia. However, the bride erudite broadcaster refused to accept from him any funds.He first offered 1000 rubles for moral damage - shares with LIFE.RU Emilia. - Then, when I began to refuse, he began to offer a greater amount of money.Deciding not to wait for the police, the culprit fled the scene. Читать полностью -->

`Miss world` told about his personal life

titleThe winner of the contest "Miss world 2008" Ksenia Suhinova smart, beautiful and purposeful. All these qualities will undoubtedly help the girl over and over again to win beauty contests.Last year she won the title "Miss Russia", this year, took the crown at the prestigious contest "Miss world".Paradoxically, conquered the world with clever and beautiful Xenia still managed to find their soul mate. About their personal secrets, future plans and ways to win the new "Miss world" told in his first in his new status interview."I have now a young man," sighed Belle. - Not enough time for personal life. One contest or the other..." Ksenia is not disingenuous. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", in the past Suhinova has won the titles of "Vice-miss Naftogaz" at the University, and then "Miss Image-2005". Читать полностью -->

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