Cher meets with Tim Medveda

titleRumor has it that cher got back together with her ex-boyfriend, biker Tim Medveda. The reunion is said to have become possible due to a disease 62-year-old singer.There is nothing paradoxical in this, however, is not. We wrote that cher has canceled several concerts because of poor health, caused, according to her PR agent, allergies. 38 year old Tim had read about her problems, and hastened to support ex-girlfriend. But the upshot was that "former" turned into "real"!Here is what the tabloids unnamed insider:"Tim was on the East coast, but immediately flew to her. Cher assured him that he would give him as much freedom as he needs to mind his own business. Читать полностью -->

Plushenko gave the word to return to the ice

titleThe head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Leonid Tyagachev told about the problems of preparing the national team for the winter Olympics in Vancouver, and said that Evgeni Plushenko had to promise to return to figure skating closer to the Olympics."Usually on the eve of the Olympics, I almost didn't make a mistake with the forecast of the number of our team won medals in the team event. Well, maybe with an error of 2-3 medals. Before Beijing, according to the results of the world Championships in Russia had all the prerequisites to perform successfully. Starting position we have with China looked about the same - 29-30 gold medals.The Americans were considered to be clear leaders. My colleagues had no idea that the U.S. may lose the Olympics to China. Читать полностью -->

TOP 20 best Nude scenes in a movie

titleA popular website for men Mr.Skin released its annual ranking of the TOP 20 best naked scenes in movies with the participation of celebrities.The rating could fall scene only one of those movies that came out on the screens or on DVD in 2008, the year she won the youth and novelty..."Closing the circle" (Closing the Ring). The second World War, Ireland, in 1943 Mortally wounded American pilot asked a local guy to return the engagement ring to his girlfriend in the USA. 50 years later, suddenly found the ring, it is a foreign young man learned his story, embarks on a quest bride deceased pilot."Sex and death 101""" (Sex and Death 101). Intricate plot revolves around a mysterious e-mail with the names of women, divided into two lists - those with whom the protagonist had sex, and those with whom he never slept. Emails make confusion into the life of the character."Lost in Manhattan" (Adrift in Manhattan). The lives of three characters are closely intertwined. Читать полностью -->

The manuscript Gagarin will go under the hammer

titleAuction house Sotheby-s will show in Moscow paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and the report about the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space."From 16 to 19 October, Sotheby-s will present in Moscow the top lots of the new York autumn auction of Russian art, impressionist and modern and contemporary art. The exhibition will be held in the State Museum of contemporary art of Russian Academy of arts", - stated in the message of the auction house.Just as stated in the document, the exhibition includes approximately 60 works that will be presented at the new York autumn auction. "They include unique works by Boris Grigoriev, Ivan Aivazovsky, Edvard Munch, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol", - stated in the message of the auction house.As reported in a press release, visitors will see unique handwritten and printed materials relating to the formation of the Soviet space program". The collection consists of manuscripts relating to the historic flight of Yuri Gagarin, as well as personal stories of the first cosmonaut on the development of the Soviet space program. "The top lot of the autumn auction, which will demonstrate in Moscow, will report on orbital space flight of the Vostok spacecraft on April 12, 1961, written by Yuri Gagarin",- reported the press service of the Sotheby-s.I must say that the report about the flight of the first cosmonaut was released in only four instances. But the value of the lot is that the proposed Sotheby-s report is considered to be the only instance of four, which is in private hands, reports "Interfax".I must say that the visitors can see the famous painting by Pablo Picasso "harlequin", written in 1905.According to the information of RIA "Novosti", the portrait of a harlequin was sold in may last year for us $ 13.5 million evening auction at Sotheby-s. Читать полностью -->

Died in Moscow Stalin's grandson

titleIn Moscow has died Joseph Alliluev the son of Stalin's daughter Svetlana from his first marriage with Grigory Morozov, a classmate of Vasily Stalin.Subsequently, the marriage was unofficially terminated by order of Joseph Stalin. Joseph Alliluev was born in 1945, Svetlana and Gregory were married in 1944. In 1949, she married Yuri Zhdanov, who reissued the first son of Svetlana themselves.Joseph Alliluev graduated from medical school, worked as a cardiologist. Published more than 150 articles and monographs on diseases of the heart. In this case refused to write his memoirs, and almost never gave interviews.From grandchildren Joseph Stalin one was able to communicate with her grandfather. Not just evolved his relationship with his mother. Читать полностью -->

Sigourney weaver will play in the fifth part of `Alien`

titleSigourney weaver is ready to star in a fifth "Alien", but the most alien monster with acid for blood it is hardly the place.According to the actress, which she shared with MTV, in two films "Alien vs. Predator" image of an Alien exploited so mercilessly that he lost his frightening sense. Weaver also admitted that had already been discussed with the original author of the picture Ridley Scott the opportunity of filming the fifth series."We both feel responsible for this woman, it is as much the Creator as I do," said the actress. She emphasized that the surest solution is to tell a different story of her famous heroine, not connected with the multi-year battle with Strangers. "It is always interesting to learn what else did the character who has lived a few lives," says weaver. Recall that the fourth part of the movie "Alien. Читать полностью -->

Alyssa Milano gets married

titleAlyssa Milano, which has already turned 36 years old engaged to David Bugliari. Lovers met over a year and finally decided to get married.However, the wedding date is not yet appointed. Source: Alyssa Milano gets married. . . . Читать полностью -->

The British Queen is almost ruined

titleAbout a third of your investment capital of 37 million pounds is lost as a result of the current financial crisis of the British Queen Elizabeth II.This amounts to one third of its own money invested in shares of banks and companies, as well as in other securities. The total amount of investment capital Elizabeth II was in mid-2008, 100 million pounds.While the other part of the Royal property - wealth in the form of paintings and real estate - before someone gets hurt.Meanwhile the UK government last week actually nationalized famous English Bank "Cootes", which contains almost all the accounts of the Queen. Note, "Cootes" is caught in the beginning of this month on the verge of bankruptcy financial group Royal Bank of Scotland", "Vesti.".However, the British Queen has found a way to reduce the current losses. Elizabeth II opened to the public garden courtyard of Buckingham Palace. Ticket price - ВЈ 20.Recall that less than a week ago Days.Roux reported that during the financial crisis Italian Prime Minister and media Mogul Silvio Berlusconi has lost $ 2.3 billion. Before the start of the turmoil in financial markets, the state policy was $ 9.4 billion.Owned by Berlusconi assets, primarily shares of the media group Mediaset, has fallen in price with the rest of the market. Читать полностью -->

In Hawaii died grandmother of Barack Obama

titleOn Monday in Hawaii at the age of 86 years died, the grandmother of presidential candidate Barack Obama, reports Reuters.As stated in the joint policy statement and his sister, Madeline Dunham was "the cornerstone of the family and a woman of "extraordinary dignity, strength and modesty". "She encouraged us and allowed us to take risks. She was proud of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and left this world with the knowledge that its impact on all of us was important and lasting. We are invaluable in debt to it", - quotes the statement of the Agency France Presse.Grandma helped raise Obama from the moment when he was 10 years old and his mother went to work in Indonesia. In October, the presidential candidate on a half day interrupted the election campaign to visit Dunham, recently discharged from the hospital.Dunham died of cancer, like Obama's mother, who died over ten years ago, AFP said. Source: Hawaii died grandmother of Barack Obama. Читать полностью -->

Friend Ksenia Sobchak told about her childhood

titleIt now Ksenia Sobchak, a scandalous socialite. But she was once a child, and she was just a little Ksusha, make friends with other girls such as Lisa Boyarskaya, who lived in the same house on the Moika embankment in St. Petersburg.Now and Xenia, and Lisa - girls and adults known to the public, but if Lisa for men - the character is more or less clear, then who is the real Ksenia Sobchak wants to know every."We are very good friends, that's true," admitted boyar in an interview with the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". But with Xenia I last spoke when she was 13, and I was 7. Lived with her on the same landing, played together, when I left Zabchekov or she was brought to us. Now we parted ways, but I think she is a very educated person and incredibly smart and decent girl. Читать полностью -->

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