Robert gates was injured

titleThe Minister of defense of the United States of America Robert gates during the Christmas holidays for the second time during the year, injured his hand. The injury was received at a time when the head of the Pentagon tried to attach the snowplow to the tractor.This time, gates damaged the ligaments of his left hand, while in February last year, he's slipping, he received a fracture of the right. "I damaged the ligaments of his left hand, trying to climb on the tractor to keep from falling on the ice," explained gates. As informs RIA "news" on Friday the gates will undergo surgery on the injured arm. In this regard, he temporarily, until Saturday, handed over power to his Deputy Gordon England.I must say that lately the U.S. government pursues evil rock. Читать полностью -->

Half-naked stars in Pinup style

titlePhotographer Timothy white has somehow persuaded stellar beauties undress in front of his lens. However, the pictures in the end were changed beyond recognition.Source: Topless stars in the Pinup style (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Kate Gordon has seduced a 17-year-old `cadet`

titleThe controversial TV presenter Katie Gordon passionate affair with a 17-year-old actor TV series "kadetstvo" and "the Kremlin cadets" Kirill Emelyanov. When their relationship began and the lovers decided to live together, Cyril was still a schoolboy.Kate last fall was 29 years old and with Cyril she lives for a year. The truth came out during the online conference, the actors of the series "the Kremlin cadets" yesterday on the website KP.RU. Answering the question of how freely now his heart, Cyril made a splash."I have a girlfriend with whom I currently live together, she's a terrific writer, Director, it... Katya Gordon - suddenly confessed Emelyanov "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - We've been Dating, and hopefully our relationship will last as long as possible".The difference in age of the young man, apparently not embarrassed: "Yes, Kate is a little older than me... Читать полностью -->

The winners of the festival debuts `Spirit of fire`

titleThe closing ceremony of the International festival of cinema debuts "Spirit of fire" in the great hall of the concert hall "Ugra-classic" passed without Amateur rooms and unnecessary words.The few that were spoken, heard Days.Roux, General partner of the festival on the Internet.Sergei Solovyov looked very tired; he referred to the crisis, mentioned that it was out, thanked the sponsors and immediately got down to business: began to invite to the stage of the jury. All four - Guka Omarova, Valery Kechinov, Moritz de Hadeln and jury Chairman Hugh Hudson took their places at center stage and began to award the winners.The main prize of the festival "Golden taiga" for best first feature film went to the film by Slovak Director Juraj Lehovski Blind love love blind people, "looking" at the world with completely different eyes, loving heart and mind, not blocked by external husk. Hugh Hudson, rewarding the winner, noted that this is the only prize, the winners of which would never see him again.Second prize, Silver taiga Foundation, took with him to Argentina two Juan, Palagallo and Faith - for the film "Rain". Director of the film about the people, which brought with each other the third day pouring from the heavens the rain, Paola Hernandez is now shooting another film in Buenos Aires and therefore are unable to come for a reward. Third place and the prize "Bronze taiga" was awarded to the film "My Marlon and Brando", one of the leading producers of Turkish independent cinema Hussain Karabey. Hussein said that once he started with the documentary, and his teachers were the films of Russian master Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov.A feature film by Andrey Silkin "Zaza" from the panorama of Russian debut-2008" became the winner of two awards - the Prize "people's choice" and the prize named after Alexander Abdulov "best actress" award Evgenia Dmitrieva. Читать полностью -->

Uma Thurman is getting married

titleThe engagement party of actress uma Thurman and famous playboy Arpad of Bussana was attended by London's high society.Doorman luxury home in a prestigious area of London barely had time to open the heavy door, letting in a rush of famous guest Elton John, sting's wife Trudie Styler, Elizabeth Hurley husband Arun by Nayar, Jemima Khan.By the way, Arpad - billionaire who is always ready to provide your yacht, numerous villas in the South of France and constantly rolls on with or without a Grand celebration with the best wines and delicious dishes.Arpad of Busson and uma Thurman met at a party during fashion Week in Milan. Arpad mesmerized the audience with the Mind of his passion, intensity, energy and recklessness. He convinced the actress that only with him she will always feel like a real woman, the Queen, will not be found wanting. And most importantly - he will never give her offense.Roman Busson and Thurman did not surprise anyone, but here's the engagement announcement slightly puzzled. Still 45-year-old playboy and lover not just beauties, and women, characterized by wit and unconventional appearance, it was possible to enjoy life without the marriage.But his Mind managed to catch Arpad on the floor. In 1994 Busson always distinguished by his confidence, seeing Thurman in the film pulp fiction, publicly stated that will certainly ever marries her.The initiator of the engagement was the actress. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev sent in a Grand tour

titleIts anniversary Alla Pugacheva this year decided to celebrate with unprecedented scale and not only in Russia. In its plans - to travel all 15 former republics (now independent powers of the Soviet Union."Pugacheva decided to restore the USSR" - joke in its environment.According to a source in the environment, already aware of some details of the upcoming tour. First will be the performance in the Kremlin Palace (7, 8 and 9 April). Then, on the day of birth 15 April, at the Luzhniki stadium, and 22nd in Kiev. But not in the Palace "Ukraine", and in the sports Palace. "There was the Eurovision, so here I want it to surpass," he threatened Joe.It is already known that the lease of the sports complex is enclosed, and is even talk that there will be invented a VIP orchestra seats for guests, which Diva will be invited personally. Читать полностью -->

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