From the Berlin galleries stole paintings by Picasso and Matisse

titleIn Berlin on the night of the New year, unknown persons robbed an art gallery Fasanengalerie, stealing 25 paintings and numerous sculptures, according to Radio Berlin-Brandenburg.Among the stolen paintings by Picasso and Matisse, paintings by Georges Braque and the sculptor Richard Hess.According to the curators, the robbers took away almost all of the exposure. According to preliminary data, the value of the stolen is estimated at 180 thousand euros.Criminals entered the house through the back door. It is noted that the exposure was not decorated until the end: many of the paintings have not yet arrived, others were not exposed. Thus, the damage could be greater. Source: From the Berlin galleries stole paintings by Picasso and Matisse. . Читать полностью -->

Harvard Museum received a gift of $245 million

titleEmily Rauh Pulitzer, widow of newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, Jr., passed Art Museum at Harvard University 31 a work of art worth about $ 200 million and $ 45 million in the form of cash donations.The Museum's extensive collection has been enriched with works by Picasso, mirГі, Modigliani, sculptures of Brancusi and Giacometti, paintings by Roy Lichtenstein, Donald Judd, Claes Oldenburg, reports the Harvard University Gazette Online.The Museum plans to spend a large portion of the donated funds for the construction of the new complex, which will combine all three Harvard meeting - Fogg (applied arts), Bush Reisinger (art of Central and Northern Europe) and the Sackler (ancient, Islamic and Asian art). Project architect selected Renzo Piano. The Museum complex should be open in 2013. Source: Harvard Museum received a gift of $245 million. . . Читать полностью -->

The tractor ran over 15-year-old snowboarder

titleTractor, ukladyvai track in the snowboard Park "mountain" of Novosibirsk, ran over 15-year-old snowboarder, she was hospitalized with fractures of the shoulder and both legs, said on Wednesday the press service GUVD Novosibirsk region."Last night on the territory of the snowboard Park "mountain" there was an accident. It worked the tractor PistenBully Bully, ukladyvai track, and on the top of the climb, hit a 15-year-old snowboarder", - stated in the message.According to the press service, the girl was admitted to the hospital in a state of traumatic shock: she had broken both legs and shoulder. The investigation is being conducted.At the end of December in a newly built town of snow Karasuk district of the Novosibirsk region under the wheels of KAMAZ got a boy of seven, riding a roller coaster. The child died on the spot. Source: Tractor ran over a 15-year old snowboarder. . Читать полностью -->

The friendship of Moses and Lolita over the scandal

titleLong-term friendship of Boris Moiseev and Lolita the Site seems to have ended with grandiose scandal.IBA did not come on the anniversary of his "brother", as she had always called Moses.A couple of weeks ago nobody could even imagine that Boris and Lola will become enemies. But everything suddenly turned upside down.- I'm going to conquer the audience for his show no trips into the Golden bowls, as some of the singer, and soul, " said Moiseev at a press conference before the jubilee concert.Sudden attack was clearly towards Lolita. The reaction of the singer was immediate - she ignored a concert Moses in the Kremlin, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Boris Mikhailovich.So eternal, it seemed that the friendship of the two outstanding personalities ended suddenly due to... the toilet.DisorderEveryone knows that in their speeches Palladium likes to surprise the audience, to shock, which repeatedly used the unusual scenery. The toilet really was the place to be on her anniversary show. Replica of Moses about the unfortunate attribute of bathrooms insulted lolita is not a joke.Recall that the IBA for many years was the closest friend. Читать полностью -->

The main dream of Tom cruise

titleActor Tom cruise, who has two adopted children, adopted into the marriage with Nicole Kidman, and his daughter Suri from Katie Holmes, dreams of having a huge family. "I want 10 children," he said, "I love children".46-year-old actor claims that he will always make time for children, and believes that he is so attentive to him because his own father was with him little time. Tom wished he was as elusive father to his children, because family is the best thing in his life. Source: Main dreams Tom cruise. . . Читать полностью -->

DNA analysis has put the point in Fossett

titleConfirmed the death of Steve Fossett. This is the conclusion of forensic experts who examined the bone fragments found at the crash site Aviator-record holder.The DNA examination confirmed that the remains discovered in the USA in Eastern California, belong to the missing year ago, a famous traveler and millionaire.How to specify "Lead.", last week, the search team about a kilometer from the place of the crash is known millionaire-traveler in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada was found by his driver's license and credit cards. Also found were two large fragments of bone tissue and sports shoes.According to the Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, the rights issued in the state of Illinois, as well as on the credit cards and shoes had bite marks. Anderson noted that, apparently, wild animals dragged the body Fossett after the crash of his plane from the scene of the tragedy.The bone fragments were sent to the laboratory for examination. As noted in the statement of the Madera County coroner laboratory of the California Department of forensic Sciences, the analysis of the samples was determined that the discovered last week the items contained DNA corresponding to the DNA of James Stephen Fossett".Steve Fossett went missing September 3, 2007, taking off in a single-engine plane "Bellanca" from a private airstrip on a ranch in Nevada. After a while his car was gone from screens of a radar, reminds RIA "Novosti". Читать полностью -->

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