Rihanna shocked fans by their behavior

titleThe famous singer Rihanna I tried to press sexual pleasure on the stage.Source: Rihanna shocked fans by their behavior (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan has revealed the date of his death

titleLindsay Lohan is not afraid of death. No, she's not immortal, just a girl planning to live longer than 30 years. That's why now she's having fun as he wants and is not afraid of health problems.A friend of Lohan shares with the journal Star: "She has stated many times that he doesn't want to live to 30 years because they do not want becomes old and ugly. She wants to die like her idol Marilyn Monroe. Source: Lindsay Lohan has revealed the date of his death. . Читать полностью -->

Baskov insulted, spit in the face

titleA new production of the Opera "Pagliacci" in which Nikolay Baskov singing the role of Canio, amazed the audience with naturalism of certain episodes. "Golden voice of Russia" appeared on the Opera stage for the first time in three years and already during the premiere show shocked the audience.On 5 December at the Mikhailovsky theatre of St. Petersburg premiere of the Opera "Pagliacci", which to this day could only see a Western audience.The libretto tells of a love twists and turns in the wandering troupe of mimes. Canio, the head of the troupe and Clown on stage (Basque) is hopelessly in love with a young actress Nedda - Colombina (Anna Nechaeva). But Nedda loves another, resulting in the hero Baskov kills inaccessible beauty plunges a knife into her heart.Culmination of the production was the scene of the quarrel of the main characters. Nicholas admitted that he asked his partner to spit on him to make the episode more emotional. Читать полностью -->

Naomi watts gave birth to a son

titleThis Saturday Naomi watts and Liev Schreiber became parents for the second time. The 40-year-old watts and 41-year-old Schreiber already have a son, Alexander Pete Schreiber, who was born 26 July 2007. As parents decided to call the boy is still unknown.The couple meets since 2005, but has not officially formalized their relationship. Source: Naomi watts gave birth to a son. . . Читать полностью -->

Galkin became the hostage crisis

titleMaxim Galkin, who could always boast that he has a headache over the proceeds from his concerts, knowingly sold, has become a hostage of the financial crisis.If the comedian received a fixed fee for each performance, he is now working on "cashier".A few months ago was quite possible to imagine a situation: to laugh "Galkin" it's only 15 people (though such cases have not been), and would be paid show as if the room was full.IncomeNow math has changed. How much will tickets sold - so much money and get a showman. While the reasons for concern max no: this is only a preventative, though financial measures internally. But, realistically looking at a difficult economic situation in the country, Maxim knows that perhaps in a short time is really a designer will have to tighten the belt.- I understand that there may come a time when it will be not so hard, but I do not complain, just time dictates the rules, " said Galkin "TD".As it became known, despite the fact that many colleagues are intimidated by Maxim crisis and possible loss of purse, his concert activity has successfully planned for the year ahead. Source: Galkin became the hostage crisis. . Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman will play the artist-transsexual

titleFamous Australian actress Nicole Kidman will play the main role in the new film by Anand Tucker's "Girl from Denmark". Film diva will play the artist-transsexual Einar Wegener who, in 1931, the world's first underwent a sex-change operation.Wife of the hero will perform another Hollywood star Charlize Theron.The plot of biographical paintings is the eponymous bestseller by David Ebershoff, released in 2001. Screenwriter Lucinda Coxon. One of the producers will take the female lead Nicole Kidman .Artist Einar Wegener was born in Denmark in 1882. His future wife Gerda Gottlieb he met at the art Academy in Copenhagen. In 1904 they were married. Читать полностью -->

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