Jankowski went to Germany for treatment

titlePeople's favorite actor Oleg Yankovsky refused treatment in a Russian hospital and intends to fly again in the small German city of Essen, where is the best cancer center in the world.64-year-old actor Oleg Yankovsky, the health of which these days the whole country is praying, is not a joke made nervous chief physicians of the capital's cancer center on Kashirke.The disease"That Munchhausen", a disease which was a shock and tragedy for millions of Russians, decided to fully trust the German specialists. As found "TD", Jankowski already in the middle of next week will once again be in a hospital bed in the hospital Essen.- Oleg Ivanovich's really going next week to fly to Essen - admitted the Director of theatre "Lenkom" mark Zaharov. - He will fly the wife and the friend who had accompanied him to Germany.Recall that the actor stayed for almost three weeks. On a trip to Germany Jankowski had high hopes. Friends have argued that the Germans are using ultra-modern methods of treatment of oncological diseases.- The trip to Germany was necessary not so much for therapeutic effect, as much to soothe the soul, - has shared with "th" doctor of the center on Kashirke. - Once academician Mikhail Davydov spreads his hands, it is unlikely that someone will undertake to operate. Читать полностью -->

Multiple fears the Anna Sedokova

titlePopular singer and TV presenter Anna Sedokova has repeatedly acknowledged that participation in the show of the First channel "Ice age" became a real test of strength, because she had to overcome their many fears."At first you're on the ice even standing is difficult, and scary to imagine that in the short term you need to learn not just to skate well, but to perform all these complex elements, support... Pure adventure! And then suddenly you catch yourself thinking that you are starting to get. And from this feeling: "I'm doing it. I can!" " duh! Feel such a huge, incomparable pleasure. Fear itself gradually disappearing, replaced by excitement: "I Want more!", - emotionally told the Days.Ru Anna.Although the project has ended, the ex-"VIA Gra" not given up figure skating. Moreover, perceptions of risk she seriously liked. Читать полностью -->

Metropolitan Kirill has called for unity

titlePatriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Kirill urged the authorities, business community and ordinary workers to support each other in times of economic crisis."Now peoples, spiritually led by the Russian Church faced came from the difficulties in the economic and social fields. Many people have been deprived of work, suffers material damage", - quotes "Interfax" Christmas message of Locum Tenens.According to the Metropolitan, "the Church embraces with compassion all who are suffering now". "Strengthen and admonish the Lord of all rulers, businessmen, ordinary workers, that we through common consonant work, mutual support and finding the right solutions helped each other overcome the current difficulties and come out of them, saving themselves and their neighbors, to preserve peace and harmony in our societies," said Metropolitan Kirill. He congratulated all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2009, wished that he was "kind and prosper".In addition, the Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal throne and expressed his negative attitude to the proposal to hold a number of Church reforms. Disagreement with such innovations, he explained that the reforms will destroy the tradition of the Church.Talking about reforms in the Church, in particular, the translation of the Liturgy in the modern Russian language, particularly intensified in around Church circles and the media in the period between the Moscow Patriarchate, which is currently experiencing the ROC. "If reform is destroying value, such reform called heresy. Читать полностью -->

Died the founder of the group " Bahyt-Compote`

titleOne of the founders of the group "Bahyt-Compote", the poet Konstantin Grigoriev died yesterday of a heart attack in the 41st year of life in Moscow, told RIA Novosti musician and friend of the poet Vadim Stepantsov."Constantin died yesterday. He went to work and his heart stopped," said Stepantsov.He also added that during the day, become aware of the place of the funeral singer. The musician found it difficult to answer the question about the causes of sudden cardiac arrest.Recall that Konstantin Grigoriev, aka Konstantin Grigoriev (born in 1968 in Omsk) - poet, co-founder of the order of courtly Mannerist (together with Stepantsovym and Dobrynin).After demobilization he entered the Moscow Literary Institute named after Gorky in the poetry workshop, which was led by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky. During his studies, met with Vadim Stepantsovym, Andrey Dobrynin, Victor, Pellagra and later with Alexander Battyman.In 1989, he and Vadim Stepantsov has created, in their expression, vandal-rock band "Bahyt-Compote", which translated from Kazakh-Russian means "Compote of happiness." The first hits were "a Girl named Bibigul", "Anarchist" and "Drunk, battered pioneer".The first album of the band "Sour", was released in 1990. Among the other hits You, "the Atomic bomb", "Accountant Ivanov" "In Rostov, near the Central market", "All girls love boys", "Gulsary", "Two athletes", "Girl and Snake". Source: Died the founder of the group "Bahyt-Compote"". Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Stotskaya left her husband because of his jealousy

titleSinger Anastasia Stotskaya and actor Alexei Sekirin many years spent together. A few years ago the couple, according to rumors, even secretly married. Here only talk in those days was all about more about the alleged affair of Anastasia and her producer Philip Kirkorov.Alex always remained in the shadows. Acting profession did not bring him fame, and Anastasia in the creative plan all went well: expensive music videos, touring with Kirkorov, interesting projects.Alexey Sekirin was not very happy with the favorite activity under the leadership of Philip Kirkorov and persuaded her to leave in a single voyage. However, soon Kirkorov himself almost stopped working the ward.The situation worsened scandal with leaked to newspaper photos of half-naked Stotskaya with drunk friends. Philip then finally refused to work with discredit Nastya.Alone she was only to appear on various TV projects like "Circus with stars". Читать полностью -->

Pugachev was offended by ex-husband

titleOn Saturday near the building of the "Forum hall" was Packed - every Executive car.The hall itself was bursting at the seams - the stars of show business and politics for the first time after the Christmas holidays came out on the main winter get-together on the occasion of the 48th birthday of Boris Krasnov. The heroes of the evening were two couples - Pugacheva and Galkin, Valley and Basque."It is impossible to seat. It is not in place. Just a unique person", - crumbled compliments Larisa Dolina addressed to the hero of the occasion. She gave Boris Krasnov tracksuit, so as a designer was always in great physical shape. By the way, the Larisa Alexandrovna this evening was something to brag about - the singer, the envy of gossip, once again noticeably thinner. Читать полностью -->

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