Lera Masskva indecent stout

titleProducer Igor Markov, who heads the company MarkMusic, announced the termination of its contract with the singer Leroy Massquoi.The producer explains that he is no longer satisfied with the attitude of the former ward to work and dramatic changes in her appearance - the singer is very very stout.According to the agreement between Markov and Massquoi, their collaboration was to last until the end of 2010, but at the last meeting of Valeria and Igor producer announced its final verdict is to discontinue using the performer."It's true. But for us this is just a working point. Valerie doesn't want to provide any comments. If Harry feels the need to talk about it, let him. We do not want", - said in an interview the situation InterMedia PR Manager Tatiana Lera Gulina. Who will be engaged in producing the singer, her representatives have not yet spoken.Recall that the cooperation Lery Masskva with Igor Markov began 5 years ago with the song "On the seventh floor". Читать полностью -->

Vandals desecrated the grave of Oksana, placeway

titleUnknown set fire to the grave of the infamous model Oksana, placeway, who died under mysterious circumstances in Moscow. Vandals burned the monument of the deceased and all the wreaths on the grave, according to Life.ru.Cemetery workers until the last moment did not even know about arson.- Charred grave found cousins, " shrugged one of the guards. - I don't know when it happened state of emergency?! I haven't heard and not seen. Maybe set fire to it at night... It is understandable, the cemetery also is not closed, here at any time can pass anyone.Meanwhile, relatives of Oksana urgently removed from her grave charred monument, ennobled it and set it on her 2.5-meter wooden cross."I was in shock when she learned about the vandalism," says the Director of the Northern cemetery Ufa Rafiq Shiraev. - Specially went and looked what happened there. Читать полностью -->

Irina Dubtsova left her son in the care of ex-husband

titleEx-"fabricante" Irina Dubtsova went on holiday abroad, leaving infant son in the care of ex-husband, the lead singer of the band Plazma Novel Chernitsyn.Ten days the artist was Babysitting three-year-old Artem, while star boy's mom together with my friends were vacationing in Sri Lanka.Irina had long dreamed to go to this exotic country, and Roman all the time asked to give a week of the son, says mother of singer Natalia Borisovna. - He loves his son and was very pleased to sit with him. Source: Irina Dubtsova left her son in the care of ex-husband. . . . Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse sunbathes Topless

titleAmy Winehouse decided to relax and your body and soul. Tired from all the scrapes, the singer came to the Caribbean to soak up the sun and take a dip in the Caribbean sea. All this she decided to do Topless.Source: Amy Winehouse sunbathes Topless (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

The Czech Prime Minister broke the paparazzi

titleThe Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Marek Topolanek showed unexpectedly rapid disposition. Your anger politician brought down the local photographer who tried to capture Topolanek during a walk with a young son.Unceremoniously the paparazzi looked into the carriage, which was peacefully sleeping one-year-old MT Jr. As reported by Vesti.", furious politician pushed the photographer from the stroller. However, not calculated their strength, because the photographer has hit his head on the wall.It is worth noting that in early 2007, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic said in a written statement sent to editions of leading Czech media that he broke up with his wife and lives with the Resolution Telmanovo, Vice-speaker of the Czech Parliament.Earlier, the Czech Prime Minister had come under fire not only for violent temper and loving. By the way, the premiere has been accused of wasteful spending. So, the year before it, flying on government aircraft on official visit to Bulgaria, made a stop in Innsbruck, Austria for skiing.However, the Prime Minister then claimed that he had a meeting with the Czech Ambassador to Austria Jan Kucala. Читать полностью -->

Leading TV bought the broadcast in support of gay marriage

titleLeading American talk show Californian Helen DeGeneres bought television airtime in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, in anticipation of the November presidential election to hold a rally in support of marriage between gays and lesbians.50-year-old media personality going to appeal to the people of California is a large state with a large electorate - with a call to vote for whoever became President would protect the rights of gays.Marital unions between gays were legalized in California in may of this year, however, under the eighth amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially marriages are still considered only unions between a man and a woman.Itself DeGeneres in August and got married with his partner, actress Portia de Rossi.True life on TVIn their television commercials Ellen DeGeneres intends to convince the audience that the opponents of gay marriage "distorts the truth of life," and ask the audience to vote for "compassion and justice".Recent public opinion polls showed that in California, a traditionally liberal state, opponents of same-sex marriages became more.They launched their own campaign on the television with a warning that soon the promotion of love of gays and lesbians will seep in elementary school.But supporters of gay called this argument is false and unfounded.Helen DeGeneres began her television career in 1997 and became the first leading American TV openly positioning herself as a lesbian. Source: the Leading TV bought the broadcast in support of gay marriage. . . . Читать полностью -->

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