20 sexiest models of the world by the end Models.com

titleThe website Models.com interviewed fashion scouts, editors of glossy magazines, of the casting Directors and other members of the fashion industry and made a list of the most sexy models this year.Taken into account the earned amount, mentions in the media, the demand from advertisers and more. Source: the 20 sexiest models from the world by the end Models.com (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Alexei Chadov decided to change his profession

titleBecause of the financial crisis seriously hit and on film, actor Alexei Chadov thinking about changing profession.Show-business has suffered very much, " Alexei sighs. - Now people not to film, I could feed myself... We even have a picture of the "Wii" did not have time to finish, hope ever will finish it.Because of the current situation Chadov has dared at extreme measures.- I want to try to make music, " says Alex. - Asks his friend Sergey Shnurov to write for me some songs. Look, we'll get along together disk write. Source: Alexei Chadov decided to change his profession. Читать полностью -->

Nadya Granovskaya decided to go back to `VIA gra`

titleThis long-term fans of the team already and could not hope for. Sexy brunette Nadia Granovskaya, with great exciting shapes and flexible body, left the band three years ago. Like, so tired that even began aerophobia because of constant stress.Ahotels more time to devote himself to try your hand at a solo voyage. And as if the producers tried to keep the beauty, she has already decided.After the "VIA gra" Nadia has worked as a TV presenter on Ukrainian TV channel under his real name Meyher (co-producer - singer alias) - led the program "Incredible love story". About show business did not forget - participated in dance shows, learned how to sing vocal.And all this time Hope said that the return cannot be and speeches. But as they say, old love does not rust. Читать полностью -->

Personal grief Maria Golubkina

titleMaria Golubkina after divorce with Nikolay Fomenko some time dwelt in shock. Only plunged headlong into work on the set of "Rural comedies" famous actress was recovering.Started talking like Golubkina's even become a contender for the hand and heart. However, the actress rumors about a hypothetical marriage denies."No, I'm married, don't worry. I've been married for Nikolay Vladimirovich, for him and will remain - says Golubkina. - I have two children and a husband, father of these children. Well, unfortunately, this is such a tragedy for me, maybe for children. Читать полностью -->

Naomi watts was discharged from hospital

titleYesterday Naomi watts was discharged from the hospital. Paparazzi photographed this solemn moment: Naomi son Samuel Kai 10 days old out of the clinic, beaming with happiness, and then dad Liev Schreiber tries to overcome the snow drifts of new York with a baby in her arms.We even managed to photograph the face of a baby! Source: Naomi watts was discharged from hospital (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pugachev dispersed state radio `Alla`

titleThe global financial crisis without reducing speed, makes thoughtful new business, including, as you know, a lot of popular artists.A few days ago, the problem has swept radioprotective ProfMedia: the wave of layoffs has overtaken the radio "Alla", unchanged artistic Director of which is Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.The other day, about 20 employees known radio got turned down in the form of an order of dismissal from the Divas. The planned downsizing - so announced the elimination of the extra "heads" on 98.8 FM Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. As we found out LIFE.RU Alla Borisovna personally signed a fateful order of dismissal of personnel.The staff remained nothing how to leave the ethereal abode.- 98.8 FM waves have subsided, we are few but we vests, joke the staff of the radio "Alla".By the way, radiodread really did not notice the loss of soldiers: esters regularly continue daily to please their listeners on a familiar wave. Not only those who came under unexpected reducing the already small staff.The Diva ex-subordinates do not take offense, leaving loved the office, they even tried to joke.- All are kings, kings can do everything, not losing optimism, singing, left their classrooms dismissed employees. Soon radio host and full-time employees are forced to find a new place.- I think I can find a decent job and on the other station, it is not so critical, at all, - shared with LIFE.RU Sergei, a former VJ radio "Alla". Source: Pugachev dispersed state radio "Alla"". Читать полностью -->

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