Incurable disease Michael j Fox

titleMichael J. Fox, is remembered for his trilogy "Back to the future", already 10 years struggling with Parkinson's disease. The disease is incurable, but Michael admitted to People magazine that does not lose hope and optimistic about the future."Based on my current health, I'll be fine for another ten years!", - said the actor.Now 47-year-old Michael is busy raising four children with his wife Tracy Pollan and is active in his charitable Foundation to study Parkinson's disease. Fox has already invested in the Fund of more than $ 140 million.The actor explained that he had found a successful cobmination medication that controls the symptoms. Although, as he himself admits, disease progression is inevitable - and antupit day will not help any of Lekarstva. But Michael advises not to feel sorry for him - in any case, his life, and he calls it amazing, even if it has a place for Parkinson's! Source: an Incurable disease Michael j Fox. Читать полностью -->

Jasmine and Timothy foretold the collapse

titleCult music critic Artemy Troitsky criticized domestic pop music and in connection with the financial crisis foretold the collapse of a number of artists."People who are laid off from work and have no money, all these glamorous, chocolatesthe hugging Chicks driving around in BMW and miserable characters should be annoying. If something and will enjoy in the near future success, it will be something poor and mentally comforting. Something like "lube", Alla Pugacheva, chanson, Tanya Bulanova, there are singers suffering, weeping, which is too bad, but they are comforted, calm.Artists who do not fit into this image, go down - expressed their forecasts Trinity in an interview with the Internet channel Russia.Ru. - Relatively speaking, this is Timothy, Jasmine and others. Suppose that some other artists may be able to blend in and out of preparandose go to the harsh reality. Valery Meladze will his luscious baritone voice something to sing about sorrow and disasters and to surround themselves not with some model Chicks, half naked, and poor women from the counter or from the queue for benefits. Читать полностью -->

Kate moss and Katie Holmes caught without makeup

titleKate moss has scared the paparazzi your not perfect face and Katie Holmes with their strange pallor.Source: Kate moss and Katie Holmes caught without makeup (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Jolie told the truth about an affair with pitt

titleIn a recent interview, Angelina Jolie revealed that her love affair with brad began when he was still married to aniston.But earlier one of the most popular Hollywood couples claimed that their feelings for each other erupted after pitt broke up with Jennifer.But last week, Jolie said that they are in love with each other during the shooting in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in 2004, long before the relationship of the actor with aniston ended.It is unclear what caused angelina to confess it, whether it was done intentionally or accidentally slipped.The moment of truth came, when talking about children and that one day they will be able to see mom and dad together in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". "Not many people are lucky enough to look at a picture with her parents in the lead roles, during the filming of which developed their romance," said Jolie.But ange is not afraid of condemnation. Читать полностью -->

London theatres resist the crisis

titleThe attendance of the London theatres despite the burst in the second half of 2008, the financial crisis grew in 2008 by 1% compared to 2007.Revenue from ticket sales increased by three percent. These figures were published by the Society of London theatre Society of London Theatre), which brings together 52 of the scene, reports BBC News.Only in 2008 in the British capital were sold 13.8 million tickets, of which 9 million are musicals. Income from tickets was 480,6 million pounds (652 million), Reuters news Agency reports.Reuters leads the comparable figures for revenues Broadway theatres in new York: in 2008, they earned 940,9 million dollars, slightly more than last year. Attendance at theaters has reached 12.3 million people. Source: the London theatres resist the crisis. . Читать полностью -->

Maksim will meet the New year in a circle of close friends

titleFor the first time in many years the New year I will meet in his Moscow apartment in the circle of people close to me, she said in an interview, "Only the stars".- I hope there will be many, and the holiday will turn out really fun (laughs). I have already put up a huge Christmas tree to the ceiling, and although I prefer live, this year I have is artificial.However, I'm not particularly allowed to climb on a ladder to hang a toy, but when no one is home, I quietly climb up there, where you want, and then quickly peel off, so that no one noticed (laughs). That's why decorate the house for a very long time, but still not a quitter, and my house will turn out bright and colorful.I love the New year because it is celebrated everything: children and adults succumb to the fun and cook a variety of dishes. Festive table in my family usually looks nice for a maximum of ten minutes, and then turns into a real horror (laughs). I definitely wear her best dress. In my childhood my mother always told me that in the New year you need to join with some new thing. Читать полностью -->

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