Cher meets with Tim Medveda

titleRumor has it that cher got back together with her ex-boyfriend, biker Tim Medveda. The reunion is said to have become possible due to a disease 62-year-old singer.There is nothing paradoxical in this, however, is not. We wrote that cher has canceled several concerts because of poor health, caused, according to her PR agent, allergies. 38 year old Tim had read about her problems, and hastened to support ex-girlfriend. But the upshot was that "former" turned into "real"!Here is what the tabloids unnamed insider:"Tim was on the East coast, but immediately flew to her. Cher assured him that he would give him as much freedom as he needs to mind his own business. It took them some time to calm Tim and to dry his tears, and this again breathed life into their romance".As they say, if not happiness, so in disguise! Source: cher again met with Tim Medveda.

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