Plushenko gave the word to return to the ice

titleThe head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Leonid Tyagachev told about the problems of preparing the national team for the winter Olympics in Vancouver, and said that Evgeni Plushenko had to promise to return to figure skating closer to the Olympics."Usually on the eve of the Olympics, I almost didn't make a mistake with the forecast of the number of our team won medals in the team event. Well, maybe with an error of 2-3 medals. Before Beijing, according to the results of the world Championships in Russia had all the prerequisites to perform successfully. Starting position we have with China looked about the same - 29-30 gold medals.The Americans were considered to be clear leaders. My colleagues had no idea that the U.S. may lose the Olympics to China. Also we all didn't expect, for example, Yuriy Borzakovskiy (800m) will not get into the final Games. Didn't think Tatyana Lebedeva will lose an inch in the long jump and shooting we will play worse than in Athens," said Leonid Tyagachev in an interview with "Soviet Sport".Speaking about the last summer Olympics, President of the ROC with sadness began for the upcoming winter Games. "The situation may be, and not the firing, but very heavy. We have brilliant victories in biathlon and ice hockey. There are prospects and hopes in cross-country skiing, freestyle, snowboard, and to some extent even in figure skating.But this is not enough for victory at the forthcoming Olympics. Overall, I think Russia in Vancouver can be 7 gold medals. It's hard. But it is possible. And if you count hockey. If I were a Russian hockey will cease to believe in the Golden set-off, Vladislav Tretiak, my friend, on my mind," smiled the Tyagachev.It turns out that the famous Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko has promised the President of the ROC, that will return to the ice. "Zhenya Plushenko gave me the floor to Beijing in the presence of Tatiana Tarasova on one of the ice show, which will begin preparations for the winter Games in Vancouver. I have informed the leadership of the country about the desire Plushenko.I myself would like to have it returned. Indeed, Jack could win another Olympics - if tomorrow he will start training. With its competitors and with his technique he is able to do," said trucks. Source: Plushenko gave the word to return to the ice.

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