TOP 20 best Nude scenes in a movie

titleA popular website for men Mr.Skin released its annual ranking of the TOP 20 best naked scenes in movies with the participation of celebrities.The rating could fall scene only one of those movies that came out on the screens or on DVD in 2008, the year she won the youth and novelty..."Closing the circle" (Closing the Ring). The second World War, Ireland, in 1943 Mortally wounded American pilot asked a local guy to return the engagement ring to his girlfriend in the USA. 50 years later, suddenly found the ring, it is a foreign young man learned his story, embarks on a quest bride deceased pilot."Sex and death 101""" (Sex and Death 101). Intricate plot revolves around a mysterious e-mail with the names of women, divided into two lists - those with whom the protagonist had sex, and those with whom he never slept. Emails make confusion into the life of the character."Lost in Manhattan" (Adrift in Manhattan). The lives of three characters are closely intertwined. Physician okkulist, woman, entangled in their thoughts and desires. The artist, who unsuccessfully struggling with coming blindness. And a young photographer with conflicting emotions tearing him up inside. It seems that these people have nothing in common, but it is only at first glance..."Secret lover" (The Last Mistress). Paris, 1835. Young aristocrat Reno de Marigny is going to marry a shy granddaughter of the Marquise de Flers Ermengarde. Naturally, it's not like Vellini (Argento), a hot Spanish woman in Marigny for ten years as love."I really hate my job" (I Really Hate My Job). A story about five waitresses working in a London restaurant. The waitresses are desperately trying to find a place under the sun."Boys like it" (The House Bunny). The girl model from the pages of the magazine "Playboy" breaks up with her "sugar daddy" and gets into a College Dorm, where teaches his fellow students to the intricacies of communicating with the opposite sex.Of The Mirror (Mirrors). Demoted police arranged a night security guard in a supermarket. During one of the duties in the mirror, he discovers something strange and begins his own investigation into the mystery."Stopper" (Stuck). A Brandy car lost control and she hit a homeless man, flew into the windshield of the car. Fear because of this, the incident of losing a promotion, she tries to hide the incident and not giving him any help, just leave another living person to die in his garage. But soon she realizes that linked to a prisoner in a bloody... even outrageous battle for survival...Ruins (The Ruins). The adaptation of the bestseller by Scott B. Smith about students, leisurely enjoying the vacation in Mexico. The end of a relaxing holiday marks the idea of one of them to go along with a friend on an archaeological dig in the jungle, where settled among the ruins of something terrible."Wanted" (Wanted). A Film By Timur Bekmambetov. Young hopeless loser Wesley Gibson works office plankton, is friends with a girl who sleeps with his best friend and takes off to the ATM miserable wages, about which it is better not to think, and immediately fall into a deep swoon. Appeared out of nowhere bombshell with gun (Angelina Jolie) tells Wesley the truth about his father - a brilliant killer of all times and peoples, a tricky shot because of the angle and offers to get revenge by joining the mysterious Brotherhood of killers, fulfilling the death sentence of doom.Elegia (Elegy). "Elegy" - the history of the David book chat - College lecturer and a young virgin " in different Parts was Costa, whom he met in new York."Butterfly effect: revelation" (Role Models). Two avid party-goers, earning the sale of energy drinks, as part of the public program "Big brother" receive as much as kindergarten wards."Attraction" (Impulse). Claire is a young and incredibly beautiful girl who sincerely loves her husband, a psychotherapist in spite of the fact that the intimate life of the couple is not very good. Even obviously playful mood beauties not forced Jonathan to pay attention to it as a sexual object. But, while in another work trip outside of his native city, Claire unexpectedly meets her husband and in a fit of passion given to him as was given before."Young people fucking" (YPF, Young People Fucking). The plot of the Comedy is quite simple: there are five couples, each has its own history from foreplay to orgasm, each has their own cockroaches."Strip from the zombies (Zombie Strippers). From a secret government laboratory is leaking fatal hemo-virus, quickening the dead. The first will be under attack best underground strip club Nebraska "Rhino-s". Infected stripper turns into a supernatural flesh eater, "Super-Zombie Stripper", a star of the club.The Teeth ' (Teeth). Based on the myth of the vagina dentata, the vagina with teeth, moved to the American backwoods of our day. This natural mutation finds a diligent and chaste schoolgirl when during the first sex accidentally castrates and kills her boyfriend. The heroine doesn't know what to do with their own nature, but gradually coming to terms with her. And taste, using your mythological authority as a means of combating male chauvinism."Mother of tears" (Mother of Tears). For female students for the restoration of works of art Sarah Mandy and her colleague falls into the hands of an ancient urn. Opening the box and found ancient objects, they unwittingly brought back to life the most powerful of witches - Mother of Tears. Sara's friend turns out to be the victim of a brutal murder demons, servants of the witch, and the Sarah manages to escape. Rome is panic-stricken and flooded with violence, crimes are committed everywhere and a mysterious suicide. Sarah must learn the truth about their spiritual origins and to find a way to pacify the most violent and powerful of the witches..."Killing Nancy" (Downloading Nancy). Unhappy married Nancy had made several suicide attempts while on the Internet, I met a man who agreed to kill her. The problems start at the moment when the couple enter into a relationship."Miss Pettigrew lives for a day (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day). Sitcom about the thirties of the last century, Hollywood, light and modest dismissed the governess, who by coincidence and manifested wit is in this world of luxury. Source: TOP 20 best Nude scenes in a movie (photo).

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