Died in Moscow Stalin's grandson

titleIn Moscow has died Joseph Alliluev the son of Stalin's daughter Svetlana from his first marriage with Grigory Morozov, a classmate of Vasily Stalin.Subsequently, the marriage was unofficially terminated by order of Joseph Stalin. Joseph Alliluev was born in 1945, Svetlana and Gregory were married in 1944. In 1949, she married Yuri Zhdanov, who reissued the first son of Svetlana themselves.Joseph Alliluev graduated from medical school, worked as a cardiologist. Published more than 150 articles and monographs on diseases of the heart. In this case refused to write his memoirs, and almost never gave interviews.From grandchildren Joseph Stalin one was able to communicate with her grandfather. Not just evolved his relationship with his mother. In 1967 she left the Soviet Union, returned Home in the early 80-ies, but soon again came to America and stopped supporting relationships with children."My mother is absolutely unbearable person in terms of character. She managed to quarrel with all her three children. With my American sister Olga, apparently, too, the relationship did not work. It turns out that either all three are bad, or she's a very hard man," said Joseph about his mother, reports the First channel. Source: died In Moscow Stalin's grandson.

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