Sigourney weaver will play in the fifth part of `Alien`

titleSigourney weaver is ready to star in a fifth "Alien", but the most alien monster with acid for blood it is hardly the place.According to the actress, which she shared with MTV, in two films "Alien vs. Predator" image of an Alien exploited so mercilessly that he lost his frightening sense. Weaver also admitted that had already been discussed with the original author of the picture Ridley Scott the opportunity of filming the fifth series."We both feel responsible for this woman, it is as much the Creator as I do," said the actress. She emphasized that the surest solution is to tell a different story of her famous heroine, not connected with the multi-year battle with Strangers. "It is always interesting to learn what else did the character who has lived a few lives," says weaver. Recall that the fourth part of the movie "Alien. The resurrection, which was shot by French Director Jean-Pierre jeannet, was released in 1997. Source: Sigourney weaver will play in the fifth part of "Alien"".

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The resulting outcry from the entertainment industry, civic circles, local and national politicians, and many other quarters was so intense that the decision was reversed and Robeson was awarded a star in 1979.

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