The British Queen is almost ruined

titleAbout a third of your investment capital of 37 million pounds is lost as a result of the current financial crisis of the British Queen Elizabeth II.This amounts to one third of its own money invested in shares of banks and companies, as well as in other securities. The total amount of investment capital Elizabeth II was in mid-2008, 100 million pounds.While the other part of the Royal property - wealth in the form of paintings and real estate - before someone gets hurt.Meanwhile the UK government last week actually nationalized famous English Bank "Cootes", which contains almost all the accounts of the Queen. Note, "Cootes" is caught in the beginning of this month on the verge of bankruptcy financial group Royal Bank of Scotland", "Vesti.".However, the British Queen has found a way to reduce the current losses. Elizabeth II opened to the public garden courtyard of Buckingham Palace. Ticket price - ВЈ 20.Recall that less than a week ago Days.Roux reported that during the financial crisis Italian Prime Minister and media Mogul Silvio Berlusconi has lost $ 2.3 billion. Before the start of the turmoil in financial markets, the state policy was $ 9.4 billion.Owned by Berlusconi assets, primarily shares of the media group Mediaset, has fallen in price with the rest of the market. In particular, since the beginning of the year, the Italian MIBTEL index fell by almost 40 percent.Berlusconi, however, urged Italians not to sell shares", because, according to him, a half-two years "prices will be more realistic". He also promised that during the crisis, the Italians will not lose a single Euro of the amounts stored on their Bank accounts in the country. Source: the British Queen is almost ruined.

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