Legendary sexual giants

titleThe modern sexual giants account of sexual partners is not dozens but hundreds. Sexologists have calculated that the most active of them during the life time will mate with about 500-1000 lovers.However, before sexual record of don Juan and Madame Montmorency them is still far.Superb ladies ' man of all times and peoples, don Giovanni, attributed to more than 2000 mistresses. Not far behind him and Georges Simenon. If you believe a very bold statement of the writer, his bedroom was a witness orgies more than five thousands charming lady.George IV, who lived in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries, also did not differ by sexual abstinence. All of his mistresses he kindly requested the curl for a long, long memory about coupling. After the death of ladies ' man in his bedroom was found 7600 curls belonging, according to experts, completely different women.Not behind the strong half of mankind and the incomparable Madame Montmorency. She had 4694 Cavaliers, as eloquently evidenced by a detailed journal entries this neat ladies.Messalina the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, went down in history not only because of the importance of your honored husband. Messalina became famous throughout the world for its sexual insatiability. It is known, for example, that Charmer in just 26 days easily satisfied 150 Romans of all classes, including slaves.With such legends of sex can compete unless modern porn actor John Holmes, timeuse in his short and tragically cut short the lives of nearly 14,000 sexual partners. Mankind with a sinking heart, waiting for the next sex-records. Who's next? Source: Legendary sexual giants.

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