Teleaction wages will be docked

titleThe Association of TV and film producers, bringing together companies that produce 80% of television content, has decided to reduce the fee Fund.The producers have set an indicative corridors for the remuneration of all crew members is approximately 2 times lower than pre-crisis, writes Vedomosti.Only about 100 of the Russian "stars" presented in a separate list, for them, the fees in each case will be approved separately, says an employee of the company "Central partnership" for both.Management believes broadcasters reduction of fees is the only way to maintain the profitability of production of TV content. By 2008 it had fallen to 10-15%, and sometimes even to zero, whereas five years ago the average was 50-100%.In a crisis, the channel announced a significant reduction in procurement budgets. For example, the TV channels "STS media" (STS, "house" and DTV), on average, will reduce the purchase price for televised content 30%, said Vyacheslav Murugov, General Director of STS and the General producer of CTC media".Negotiations are underway to purchase the new prices of the new series of TV movies "Redhead", "Ranetki", "Daddy daughter", he adds. This measure forced: while advertising volume is not reduced, but worrying is full of uncertainty with him in 2009 - all the major advertisers took a break. Source: Teleaction wages will be docked.

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