Koldun will sing the title role in the rock Opera

titleFrom 27 to 30 November in the concert hall "Mir" in Moscow will take place a premiere of a new production of the rock Opera "the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta".The main part in her singing Dmitry Koldun. Also starring busy Svetlana Svetikova and Igor Sandler. The formulation performs Alexander Rukhlov. The performance involves a rock band Dmitry Chetvergova. It is reported that the rock Opera will visit Pierre Cardin, in addition, invited the representatives of the embassies of Mexico, Chile and Venezuela - the countries in which they plan to bring "Joaquin".A rock Opera based on the play by famous Hispanic Philology Pavel Grushko, who wrote it based dramatic cantata Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) "Glow and Death of Joaquin Murieta" (1967) and the national epic.In 1976 mark Zakharov put the original version of "the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" in the Moscow theater of the Lenin Komsomol. The music was composed by Alexander Rybnikov, starring Alexander Abdulov played, Love Matyushin and Nikolay Karachentsov. Setting enjoyed phenomenal success in the Soviet Union.The new version of "Joaquin" are two of the volcano with the height of a three storey house that will suit "eruption" in the final. In addition, on the head of the actor who plays Death, to be set to video camera footage that will be projected on the screens near the stage. Source: Koldun will sing the title role in the rock Opera.

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