Cancer patient Patrick Swayze refused to take medication

titlePancreatic cancer is the star of "Dirty dancing" found a year ago. To operate the tumor was already late, so the actor began to take a course of chemotherapy.At the same time was treated by Chinese herbal drugs and took the experimental drug Vatalanib.And here is a new sad news. According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the treatment did not work, and Swayze decided to refuse all medications.- He is still very weak and continues to lose weight, said the National Enquirer, one of his friends.- And doctors say they cannot stop the disease process. And he Partick thinks that it is better to die a natural death.A week ago Swayze was discharged from the hospital: he had pneumonia. He is now at home. As the actor recently admitted to reporters, "I stayed at best five years. If you believe the statistics, you two." Now, Partick counting on a miracle. Source: cancer Patient Patrick Swayze refused to take medication.

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