Robert gates was injured

titleThe Minister of defense of the United States of America Robert gates during the Christmas holidays for the second time during the year, injured his hand. The injury was received at a time when the head of the Pentagon tried to attach the snowplow to the tractor.This time, gates damaged the ligaments of his left hand, while in February last year, he's slipping, he received a fracture of the right. "I damaged the ligaments of his left hand, trying to climb on the tractor to keep from falling on the ice," explained gates. As informs RIA "news" on Friday the gates will undergo surgery on the injured arm. In this regard, he temporarily, until Saturday, handed over power to his Deputy Gordon England.I must say that lately the U.S. government pursues evil rock. Thus, former Vice President of the United States Richard Cheney from stretching the back muscles on the recommendation of his doctors, during the inauguration of Barack Obama was in a wheelchair. "On the recommendation of physicians, former Vice President was in a wheelchair," said White house press Secretary Dana Perino. She also reported that the ex-Deputy of George Bush hurt his back when carrying boxes while moving to your new home. Cheney raised the box too heavy, leading to serious injury.In addition, on Tuesday during lunch after the inauguration of Barack Obama became ill Senator from the Democratic party Edward Kennedy, representing the famous clan in the upper house of the American Parliament. The doctors also put a policy in a wheelchair and taken from the audience. As reported the other Day., the incident occurred at about 22:35 Moscow time. The new US President began his speech at a lunch in the Capitol with all the best wishes to Senator Edward Kennedy. "I know that while I was in the hall, concern was expressed about Teddy," said a dark-skinned President. - I would have told you the truth, if I hadn't said that now part of me is with him.".

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