Kate Gordon has seduced a 17-year-old `cadet`

titleThe controversial TV presenter Katie Gordon passionate affair with a 17-year-old actor TV series "kadetstvo" and "the Kremlin cadets" Kirill Emelyanov. When their relationship began and the lovers decided to live together, Cyril was still a schoolboy.Kate last fall was 29 years old and with Cyril she lives for a year. The truth came out during the online conference, the actors of the series "the Kremlin cadets" yesterday on the website KP.RU. Answering the question of how freely now his heart, Cyril made a splash."I have a girlfriend with whom I currently live together, she's a terrific writer, Director, it... Katya Gordon - suddenly confessed Emelyanov "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - We've been Dating, and hopefully our relationship will last as long as possible".The difference in age of the young man, apparently not embarrassed: "Yes, Kate is a little older than me... ten years only," he adds and continues, " but I want to associate with his life." The actor made a mistake in the calculations, possibly due to an overabundance of feelings, which is only natural at such a young age (older than Kate didn't make it to ten and twelve years).Lovers first saw each other just over a year ago for the filming. Some time later, again by chance they met at some event. Their romance developed rapidly and, in the end, the couple decided to rent an apartment and live together. Source: Kate Gordon has seduced a 17-year-old "cadet"".

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