The winners of the festival debuts `Spirit of fire`

titleThe closing ceremony of the International festival of cinema debuts "Spirit of fire" in the great hall of the concert hall "Ugra-classic" passed without Amateur rooms and unnecessary words.The few that were spoken, heard Days.Roux, General partner of the festival on the Internet.Sergei Solovyov looked very tired; he referred to the crisis, mentioned that it was out, thanked the sponsors and immediately got down to business: began to invite to the stage of the jury. All four - Guka Omarova, Valery Kechinov, Moritz de Hadeln and jury Chairman Hugh Hudson took their places at center stage and began to award the winners.The main prize of the festival "Golden taiga" for best first feature film went to the film by Slovak Director Juraj Lehovski Blind love love blind people, "looking" at the world with completely different eyes, loving heart and mind, not blocked by external husk. Hugh Hudson, rewarding the winner, noted that this is the only prize, the winners of which would never see him again.Second prize, Silver taiga Foundation, took with him to Argentina two Juan, Palagallo and Faith - for the film "Rain". Director of the film about the people, which brought with each other the third day pouring from the heavens the rain, Paola Hernandez is now shooting another film in Buenos Aires and therefore are unable to come for a reward. Third place and the prize "Bronze taiga" was awarded to the film "My Marlon and Brando", one of the leading producers of Turkish independent cinema Hussain Karabey. Hussein said that once he started with the documentary, and his teachers were the films of Russian master Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov.A feature film by Andrey Silkin "Zaza" from the panorama of Russian debut-2008" became the winner of two awards - the Prize "people's choice" and the prize named after Alexander Abdulov "best actress" award Evgenia Dmitrieva. Last, taking out of the hands of Emmanuel Vitorgan prize, shed tears of happiness, saying that it was her first festival, first starring role in a feature film and the first award of this magnitude."The prize named Pavel Lebeshev best cinematography went to Victoria Markina, the Director of the mystical drama "the Snow is melting not forever" - according to Victoria, "a very feminine picture." Best artist was Alexander Korshunov, artist of the Maly drama theatre - he could not come, so the Prize named after Alexander Abdulov he took the film "Dove" Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov. Sergey said that this award he is to receive is especially nice because the audience go to watch the movie to see the actor who played in it.Special prize of the jury of the festival awarded the film Pavel Bardin Russia 88. After thanking the organizers of the festival and everyone who worked on the painting (two stood immediately - actress Marina eagle and actor Petr Fedorov), Paul said: "First. Fascism will not pass. Those who have the attitude, I will answer. Second. Each of us has a choice to be good or to be a real man." For a clear social position and honesty, according to a member of the jury Gebo Omarova, as well as for the professionalism, the team "Russia 88" and has received this award.After Hugh Hudson expressed the wish to "Gazprom" - "keep pumping" ("keep pumping"), and the Governor HMAO Alexander Filipenko and Sergei Soloviev announced the closure of the 7th international film festival "Spirit of fire". Source: the winners of the festival of debuts "Spirit of fire"".

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