Uma Thurman is getting married

titleThe engagement party of actress uma Thurman and famous playboy Arpad of Bussana was attended by London's high society.Doorman luxury home in a prestigious area of London barely had time to open the heavy door, letting in a rush of famous guest Elton John, sting's wife Trudie Styler, Elizabeth Hurley husband Arun by Nayar, Jemima Khan.By the way, Arpad - billionaire who is always ready to provide your yacht, numerous villas in the South of France and constantly rolls on with or without a Grand celebration with the best wines and delicious dishes.Arpad of Busson and uma Thurman met at a party during fashion Week in Milan. Arpad mesmerized the audience with the Mind of his passion, intensity, energy and recklessness. He convinced the actress that only with him she will always feel like a real woman, the Queen, will not be found wanting. And most importantly - he will never give her offense.Roman Busson and Thurman did not surprise anyone, but here's the engagement announcement slightly puzzled. Still 45-year-old playboy and lover not just beauties, and women, characterized by wit and unconventional appearance, it was possible to enjoy life without the marriage.But his Mind managed to catch Arpad on the floor. In 1994 Busson always distinguished by his confidence, seeing Thurman in the film pulp fiction, publicly stated that will certainly ever marries her.The initiator of the engagement was the actress. On the day her ex-husband Andre balГЎzs married the nanny of their children, the Mind is first put forward his claim to Arpad. And pushed it into understandable billionaire style business proposal: he should announce their engagement to the message in the Newspapers, the press and all related to this event components. Upon reflection, Arpad had accepted the offer.By the way, for the future husband Thurman willing to sacrifice social life and to give our all star regalia."I want to make scones and become like Mary Poppins," laughs the Mind. Source: uma Thurman is getting married.

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