Pugachev sent in a Grand tour

titleIts anniversary Alla Pugacheva this year decided to celebrate with unprecedented scale and not only in Russia. In its plans - to travel all 15 former republics (now independent powers of the Soviet Union."Pugacheva decided to restore the USSR" - joke in its environment.According to a source in the environment, already aware of some details of the upcoming tour. First will be the performance in the Kremlin Palace (7, 8 and 9 April). Then, on the day of birth 15 April, at the Luzhniki stadium, and 22nd in Kiev. But not in the Palace "Ukraine", and in the sports Palace. "There was the Eurovision, so here I want it to surpass," he threatened Joe.It is already known that the lease of the sports complex is enclosed, and is even talk that there will be invented a VIP orchestra seats for guests, which Diva will be invited personally. Most likely will be Yulia Tymoshenko. Met and friendly then they are a little less than a year ago, when Yulia Tymoshenko traveled to Moscow to Putin and at the same time went for coffee with Pugacheva, according to the newspaper "Today"."Dreams about love". Is the working title of the musical drama solo performance (it couldn Diva arrange to call it banal action word "show"). The repertoire of Pugacheva has a new song "I'm leaving", there are such words: "I'm flying away from the earth, don't Wake me, I have dreams - dreams of love." Actually, that's where the name of the jubilee celebrations.By the way, as told by the same source, in honor of its 60th anniversary Pugachev was not going to make something big, it encouraged her famous set designer Boris Krasnov. And Diva, who all his life was made on a bare stage, agreed to unprecedented scenery: her dreams will be reflected in a mirrored three-dimensional space. The cost of this "decoration" several million euros. Just to assemble and disassemble it, you will need at least three days.Now Pugachev thinking - how to build a program so that prettiness around not eclipsed her. Although this is hardly possible - she's a brilliant actress. No matter how persuaded Dolly parton to arrange some sort of hodgepodge, she is in any. "On stage I will be one, who does not like, may not come," he said a cut. Sing Pugacheva will be both old hits and new. Incidentally, one of the songs, "Because I chose the stars", it now writes the author Sofia Rotaru Olga Tkach. All in all, the Diva will perform 25 songs, and even going to read poetry (because the one-man show). Stage outfits, of course, sew Vyacheslav Yudashkin.While before the Grand event there is still time, and the prima Donna is actively implements and other plans: foreign tour, losing weight for the anniversary, and even ventured, as we wrote, for the construction of the theatre of song named after him in St. Petersburg. And in 20 days Pugacheva together with Galkin plans to go on tour across America with the show "Russian radio" "Golden gramophone". Source: Pugachev sent in a Grand tour.

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