Pugacheva has blessed Nikolai Baskov

titleGreat show Nikolai Baskov, which took place yesterday in St. Petersburg "ice Palace", has left a mark, worthy of the memory of not only the history of music, but also personal memory of the tenor.The fact that yesterday was so happy that openly declared thousands of audience: "I have waited for this day 32 years!". Wait, how the artist has shown what was really before I go on stage, "Ice", after a half-hour audience in the dressing room, Nicholas crossed the one he was waiting at the concert with oobm trembling, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. That the visit to the Northern capital was so controversial, despite external gloss.GuestsAlla Pugacheva, changing traditions, came to St. Petersburg by train, in your own car. And - one! Although invited to the show Baskov were , as it became known, she and her humorous hosted by beloved Maxim Galkin. Jolly, nevertheless, has not been seen coming out of the train "Moscow-St.-Petersburg" (N6): on rainy St. Petersburg the platform Alla paraded one. Singer settled in the living room area of the yard in the same hotel as the Basque, respect the talent she had, it seems, from that day, as a charismatic blond appeared on the battlefield of domestic show business.- No frills in the room Pugachev did not ask, was even on the up-morning fresh all day and not leave my room - shared with LIFE.RU hotel receptionists.However, they were actively exploring the territory of Joseph Kobzon, who throughout the day, Baskov became a landmark in creative, and possibly his personal life, never ceased to amaze shades of personality. For starters, while arriving guests tried to zakonspirirovana, Joseph, by contrast, went into the public bar and somehow familiar ordered a simple Breakfast that well-trained waiters could only crumble in the traditional: "Thank You we have." Pretty smile, a few hours later Kobzon little different tone talked with administrators of Baskov concert. In the sentence "Let us conduct You to the ground" people's artist of the USSR replied mildly, suddenly: "Go away, hell Satan, I myself." Albeit a joke, in consequence of a dozen compensated sincere compliment addressed to the hero of the occasion but in the minds of many, this statement of the master will remain. Just as that little prank that allowed myself Kobzon in the middle of the show. Despite the TV footage, the place in the first row and the theoretical impossibility to reach within three hours of the halls at some point, the singer asked the guards: "Where's the buffet?". The catering was closed long ago, but for this guest made an exception - the actor was admitted at the wrong time, to state products. What was a surprise to his wife and fellow of the prestigious front row when Joseph returned five minutes later with a set of chocolates, which gave all of us sitting nearby. While Nelly Kobzon, Yana Churikova fiance Denis Morozov, Oxana Fedorova with her husband Philip and Olesya Sudzilovskaya was eating chocolate, the most extreme position in the row was shaking. Differently and could not be, because it was sitting Andrey Malakhov, whose characteristic hairstyle in this day friends nicknamed "little Kirkorov". The presenter in this day acted as bridesmaid at the wedding: to bring Baskov some water directly on the stage? Please. Dance sitting to be touched even severe Kobzon? To health. Shouting "Kiss!", when duet for rooms with Nicholas came on the scene the Montserrat Monsite Caballe in a white dress? It is also.The next wing "Ice" inflame passions are not so straightforward. On the scales were delivered to the complicated relationship of Sofia Rotaru and Alla Pugacheva. First performed at a concert as the guest of honor, and the second in the conventional sense is always first. When Basque and Rotaru, passing by Alla during the song "Lavender", just lazy from sitting next to didn't notice how subtly made Sofia Mikhailovna, showing a finger first at himself, then at Pugachev during the execution of the famous words "so Many years have passed, but I remember You". And how mysteriously and quite she smiled at this moment!.. However, Rotaru, kind-hearted man, then gave the diva a flower. But Alla your bouquet prepared for Kolya, and not handed. Are unable to squeeze through the army wanting to get closer to the idol (after the flowers were taken to a separate bus). Pugacheva, who left with Yudashkin on a white limousine immediately after the end of the concert, could in the rear view mirror to watch right behind her, with two pink flowers in her hands, leaving Rotaru.Okaloosa disassembly and the excitement around the show was overshadowed by a nasty Izvestia - Basque announced it from the stage of "Ice". Nadezhda Kadysheva, which was to take part in the concert program, which has been dubbed the musical event of the year, a few hours before the show, was hospitalized in Moscow.We all wish and Hope Kadysheva a speedy recovery and we are very worried for your favorite artist, " said Nicholas.For a few minutes incendiary atmosphere of the show stopped being funny when Basque performed the song Muslim Magomayev in the memory of the departed artist. When was "Melody", the hall stood, and Alla Pugacheva, who is still not recovered after the funeral of a close friend, could hardly contain the tears and nervously bit her lip.The protagonist of the evening was experiencing all the emotions in such a furious pace, in what was a show, he just had no time to go into philosophy - all then when It will end. That's right - the word This is called ended late in the evening of the show participants. Members of the ballet Instyle , who worked on the program, could not recover from two emotions: performances Montserrat Caballe ... and new boots Nicholas.- I loved nick in boots that I once fell in the middle of watching, " stated one of the participants of the ballet after the program is in the dressing room.- And at me on the second song of the broken string, as I called it before going on stage, " said member of the orchestra.None of these missteps, the viewer saw. How did not see what happened at a private Banquet after the show in "ice". And really there to see was what! Why should only non-drinker of the Basque country, which after the execution of the Jewish national hit, "7.40" said: "Everything'll be drunk tonight, this is the happiest day of my life. Let vodka".Then tomorrow I will hang myself, " he joked famous quote Joseph Kobzon, who, by the way, the Banquet was forced to admit a little sour expression on his face during the concert.If not for the ena Joseph Davydovich, Nelly, he would have gone to the concert much earlier, I'm sure, " said Basque. She only had time to say: "Joseph, the face is easier, face fun"!Fun face Kobzon was not a Banquet, where not amused, it seems that only people without a sense of humor. What is only one Ukrainian guest Taisiya Povaliy, Nicholas so skillfully "Povaliy" on the piano, which was played by Igor Krutoy. Montserrat and Monsita Caballe, who was listed as the most honorable - after parents Nicholas - guests of the event, I rounded tired for the evening eyes. No, they certainly heard a lot about Russian hospitality and generosity, but that So? To "Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova danced hopak "You're my pidmanula, you're my pidala" and "people's artist of Russia and countless republics" Nikolay Baskov tap-danced on the table? Yes, dear Muscovites and Spanish guests of the capital. There is only so if it took Nikolai Baskov. Source: Pugachev blessed Nikolai Baskov.

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