Family grief Yulia Savicheva

titleThe sad event occurred in the family of the singer Yulia Savicheva. "Fabricante" seriously ill beloved grandmother Lyudmila Georgievna.Because of this sad news Julia threw all their important business and tour and flew to his native mound to check on and support a loved one.No wonder Julia Savicheva - favorite "fabricante" Alla Pugacheva. It is known that the Diva always allocates sincere people, which is, of course, and Julia Savicheva.For example, on the TV show "Star ice" TV channel "Russia" Alla Borisovna came in the flesh, only to personally present the gift to Julia for participating in the show.It was at the ice show, the Diva said that Julia has all positive human qualities. And it is not surprising that the young singer always takes care of their people and even the fans, presenting them with gifts and attention.She particularly supports the work of his old grandfather, who has a craving to draw. Julia notifies his canvases, brushes and paint.The news that grandma had a severe pain in the legs, heavily distressed star granddaughter, and she immediately sent a large parcel with expensive drugs in his hometown of barrow. In the mail was not only a cure, but a healing mud for feet with Dead sea. Julia hoped that this will help my grandmother to her feet, but she did not improve."Yulia was very happy when I learned that grandma was happy when I received the package - shared in the inner circle of the singer. But when her health did not improve, Julia was very upset. So she dropped everything and flew to barrow". Source: Family grief Yulia Savicheva.

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