Volochkova's going after the oligarchs

titleNo sooner had the enterprising ballerina Anastasia Volochkova to divorce her husband, as already looking at candidates for the vacant position.As it is impossible by the way in Moscow opened the exhibition with the speaker called Millionaire Faire - opening took place in "Crocus Expo" at the 66th kilometer of the Moscow ring road. There Anastasia slowly started coming out of depression. And really perk up from what it was.- Nastya, you are beautiful! I really want to meet you closer, " said languidly one of the guests of the exhibition.Glancing admirer precise glance, Volochkova smiled approvingly. Respectable owner of a shipbuilding company in a black tuxedo with bowtie Anastasia is clearly attracted. The former will accept the Bolshoi theatre is not confused by such a pressure. Star coyly replied the millionaire in return.- Write down my phone number, " said the blonde.- Dictate. I'll call, and you have a tasty dinner, - said the promising businessman. Received the coveted room, the man left. Anastasia at this moment brightened considerably. "Go fish, big and small" - it seemed that this tale Volochkova told myself like a mantra... Where will you meet your fate, not as the exhibition of millionaires?After successful Dating a beautiful woman went to try on exclusive fur products.- I want a new coat, - shared with a friend the ballerina.EveningAnd at this time hosts of the evening Ksenia Sobchak and Andrey Malakhov rowdy on stage.Kseniya Anatolyevna joked, and Malakhov, who has long worked with this lively girl, diplomatically supported the colleague.- Well I, as usual, in some weird dress came, but Malakhov handsome - on the go, improvised Xenia.- Xenia, as usual, in his repertoire, commented Andrey Malakhov.No doubt, they have not built such a pocket, in which She would be unable to climb behind the word. Humor "the blonde in chocolate" does not hold."Look, Andrew, and soon the us crisis will overtake, I will be with you children's matinees to - fun host of the evening. - Bunny, and I the maiden.Leading in expressions did not hesitate.- Applaud, you bastards! - toyed socialite.The official part was diluted with their performance, the rapper Timati. Guests had fun, when during the execution of one of the hits jumped on stage by a stranger from the crowd. The tipsy young man showed the rapper dancers present a master class.- What a freak show, " said into the microphone Timothy.The guards hastened to remove the impostor from the scene.GuestsPleased and at the same time surprised by his new image this evening Zhanna Aguzarova. Space woman - so calls himself a singer - dyed bright pink color.- I want to be like this carpet, is indicated on the Persian carpets handmade "Martian".The king of the Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov we stopped at the Millionaire Faire for a while, but immediately attracted the attention of the public."Philip, let's have a game of chess," offered the actor one of the participants of the exhibition.- Sorry, I gotta catch a plane, politely refused Kirkorov. Source: Volochkova hunts oligarchs.

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