Edinburgh gallery buy paintings by Titian

titleNational gallery of Scotland has collected ВЈ 50 million required for the purchase of the painting by Titian, "Diana and Actaeon" from its owner, the Duke of Sutherland, wrote on Sunday the British newspaper The Times.Funds to purchase the painting, exhibited in the National gallery in Edinburgh since 1945, was required to collect up to 31 December 2008. Otherwise, the owner of the paintings were going to put "Diana and Actaeon" at a public auction.The required amount is told to the edition a source close to the campaign to collect donations to purchase the painting, already assembled and unique canvas will not leave the National gallery of Scotland.According to The Times, ВЈ 10 million on the repurchase of Titian will give the Scottish government, 12 million national gallery in London, a further 2 million pounds will be allocated from the Fund of the National gallery of Scotland. In addition, 8 million pounds for the purchase of paintings donated by individuals and companies.Earlier it was reported that more than 10 million pounds to "Diana and Actaeon" will give the Ministry of culture, media and sport through the state memorial Foundation "National heritage". From what source received another 8 million pounds, the newspaper did not specify, saying only that managed to find all of the required amount.In the National gallery of Scotland is another work by Titian, owned by the Duke of Sutherland, - "Diana and Callisto". This canvas Museum must buy back from the owner until 2012. The cost of "Diana and Callisto" will also be 50 million pounds. Source: Edinburgh gallery buy paintings by Titian.

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