Mickey Rourke insulted Jericho

titleOn Sunday at the awards ceremony of the Guild of film actors Mickey Rourke said something about what may later regret.He noted that he loved his work in the film "the wrestler" took professionals - members of the world Association of wrestlers. Not pleased its only a review of Chris Jericho - superstars of wrestling, by the way. In connection with this Mickey and said he wants to fundamentally drive him around the ring - like lettuce.Jericho felt insinuations Rourke offensive, noting that the actor is a little overdone, and that it was big of him is a mistake. And here is the result: 5 April'rourke will have to answer for their words in real fight with Jericho. Mickey claims that is ready for battle. So let's see how! Source: Mickey Rourke insulted Jericho.

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