Taisiya Povaliy got married new year's eve

titleAccording to the singer Taisia Povaliy on new year's day she and her husband Igor Lihuta celebrate a double holiday - New year, and wedding anniversary. Future husband saw a lady at the pictures and fell in love at first sight.He asked friends to find "this gorgeous blonde". Their meeting was crucial. Lovers New year is celebrated already husband and wife. After all, they got married on December 31.Despite 15 years of marriage, according to her, her husband for her all the same Santa Claus that takes the. "The only difference is that from Santa Claus get the presents only in childhood, and her husband gives them to me every day!", - said Taisia.Meanwhile, the new year's eve has become a tale for two in one of the star family. Evgeny Aldonin made an offer Julia Nachalova new year's eve. The most important words of love he spoke on December 31. "I certainly thought about what Jack will do to me, - remembers Julja. - I was very worried, thinking: what it is, what words? And what should I say?".

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