Television critics named the best film of 2008

titleThe Association of television critics Broadcast Film Critics Association named it the best film of 2008 picture "Slumdog Millionaire" (Slumdog Millionaire) directed by Danny Boyle.14th awards ceremony film awards was held on Thursday evening in Los Angeles.Boyle also won the prize for best Director. In addition, worked on "the Millionaire from slums" screenwriter Simon Bopha (Simon Beaufoy and composer A. R. Rahman (A. R. Rahman) won awards in their respective categories, and by starring Deva Patel (Dev Patel) was recognized as the best young actor."The dark knight" Christopher Nolan won in the nomination "the best film in action genre", Heath Ledger posthumously won the award in the nomination "best supporting actor". Sean Penn, who played in the movie "Harvey milk" (Milk), was named best actor. This film is also noted for best cast.Best actress named Anne Hathaway in the film "Rachel getting married" (Rachel Getting Married), and best actress in a supporting role, according to television critic, was filled with Kate Winslet in the film "the Reader" (The Reader). The cartoon "Wall-e" won in the nomination "best animated film", and recognized as the best Comedy picture "tropic thunder" (Tropic Thunder). Source: Television critics named the best film of 2008.

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