Leading was hysterical live

titleThe Romanian National TV channel fined fifteen hundred dollars for leading tantrum live, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to British newspaper Metro.The scandal occurred during the television show, where viewers are invited to call a mobile phone in the Studio and leading to guess the word. Not waiting for phone calls from viewers, enraged leading began to scream into the camera, threw the phone on the floor and began to jump on it, and after finally it was crushed."I want the phone rang now! Now! Call now!" - shouted presenter, who worked on the program over three years.After the incident, she was fired, and the national Council for audiovisual Romania has decided to fine the TV station and called the tantrum leading "unreasonable fury"."Perhaps I over-reacted, but I wanted people called," you are under pressure, when I encourage people to call and give the correct answer. It was a bad day," explains his behavior leading.The Council also ordered the channel does not show the transfer earlier than 22:00, to shield from view of the children. Source: Leading was hysterical live.

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