Kate moss walked pretty in the company of a boyfriend

titleKate moss fairly recently walked in the company of her boyfriend Jamie Hince and friends in a night club Shoreditch House. The paparazzi, of course, were there as here.Thanks to them we saw a strange scar on his cheek centerfolds. The kitten that she did? But, on the other hand, Jamie sported a big bruise under his eye that suggests that the lovers quarreled with assault. If he did, it obviously didn't affect their relationship! However, maybe Kate did quarrel not with him but with the one who was jealous of him, and he just got under the hand:)Before heading to the pub, Kate along with Jamie and her daughter Lila attended a Christmas party for Stella McCartney's Christmas light switch-on, which the daughter of sir Paul organized in their fashion store. Let's see how it all began and how it ended! Source: Kate moss considerably walked in the company of a boyfriend (photo).

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