Official Mandelson suspect in connection with Deripaska

titleThe story of a compromising relationship between the new Minister of trade of great Britain Peter Mandelson and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska acquires new details.It became known that in his tenure as EU Commissioner for trade Mandelson repeatedly dined with the head of RUSAL in Moscow and visited his yacht in Corfu. Then the officer allegedly lobbied the reduction of tariffs on imports of primary aluminum in Europe, writes The Daily Telegraph.Now, when the officer takes office as Secretary-EU business, its communication under closer scrutiny. Mandelson claims that he never spoke with a Russian billionaire on fees and simply had fulfilled his duties as Commissioner.However, in his blog assistant official Benjamin Wegg-Prosser recklessly disclosed details of the "friendship" of Mandelson and Deripaska, and hence their meetings in an informal setting. The first time the Commissioner and the oligarch had lunch at cafe Pushkin, together with the co-chair of the insurance Fund Nathaniel Rothschild and the Minister of trade of the RF German Gref. The second time, according to Wegg-Prosser, who was present at both events, Mandelson and Deripaska argued at dinner about the latest developments in the world economy."In one of the recent business trips to Moscow, Peter spent the entire day at our country house," writes the living in Russia Wegg-Prosser. - We wanted to go for a walk, but the street was minus 20 degrees, so that we reached only to the end of the path and returned. In the evening we went to Moscow to dine with Deepakshi... I remember that men were vociferous sharply opposing views and argue in loud voices. First, Peter wanted Russia joined the WTO, and Oleg Deripaska - no. Secondly, they discussed the imposition of duties on the import of Finnish timber. Peter assured me that it's illegal policy of protectionism. While Deripaska was of the opinion that it is a necessary defense mechanism to protect key industry amid the current economic situation...".In all probability, arguing, in his revelations that "friendship" Mandelson and Deripaska was based on the fights and verbal altercations, Wegg-Prosser tried to create the British Minister of trade, certain alibi.Recall that the English press accused the Minister of business and enterprise in Britain corruption. Rumors that voroshilovsk took advantage of official position to give his "friend" and co-owner of the company "RUSAL" Oleg Deripaska trade benefits in the amount of 50 million euros per year intensified after Mandelson was seen this summer in Corfu at the party aboard Deripaska's yacht Queen K.It is worth noting that over the past three years guest of Russian billionaire twice reduced duties on imports of aluminium in Europe. According to the document signed by Mandelson in December 2005, the European Commission abolished the anti-dumping measures against Deripaska's company RUSAL SAYANAL". And in 2007, RUSAL received new benefits: commercial office Mendelssohn has proposed to reduce the duties on unprocessed aluminum doubled from 6% to 3%. Benefit from this not only the European steel industry, but , of course, RUSAL, the largest supplier of this raw material in Europe.Now, the ex-Commissioner Peter Mandelson will have to undergo a serious test personal connections to get out of this story unscathed. Source: Official Mandelson suspect in connection with Deripaska.

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