Orlando bloom has put the organizers spicy condition

titleOne of the first beauties of Hollywood, who sigh for millions of fans around the world, gracing their Russian part of his presence in Moscow.The main news was passed from mouth to mouth female fans "pirate" Orlando bloom, was the lack beside him charming bride Miranda Kerr, which was to accompany the actor on a trip abroad.Oil was added to the fire information about piquant condition that put Orlando in front of the organizers. The actor demanded that his driver throughout the stay in Moscow was a beautiful girl. Of course, the welcoming party was ready to satisfy the slightest whim of a celebrity, so at the airport bloom already met dazzling beauty on the Land Rover. However, and this hot macho was not enough. Therefore, closer to the night in company with the star there were two cute girls...Orlando bloom set foot on Russian soil in the evening of the 14th of November. Brave pirate from "pirates of the Caribbean", contrary to expectations, has not arrived at the "Black pearl", and, as befits a mere mortal, took the plane.Fans couldn't believe their luck: finally they could see their idol in the flesh and very close. What is particularly pleasing girls is the fact that the review they did not close the bride bloom Miranda Kerr, who recently everywhere appears next to her lover. Why the sweet couple plans changed, and Orlando came to Russia alone, he, like a real man, not spread.Better words for the actor said actions. What stars had visited Moscow, but to see behind the wheel of your car sexy girl of them yet no one wished.The first item on the program of the visit was a trip on Vasilevsky descent. There Orlando has emerged as a real star in old jeans and a three-hour delay. However, natural charm "will Turner" compensated delivered them into trouble: a charming smile bloom was dispersed not only of pout with persons waiting, but, as it seemed, even the clouds over Moscow.Then known for its fashion curiosities (suffice it to recall his yellow socks photo in Orlando which bypassed all world tabloids), bloom went shopping, so as not to shock the Moscow bomod frayed denim. In one of the most expensive Metropolitan boutiques he has bought three suits, which was not ashamed to go to the people.Alas, despite the readiness number one, to make it in time Orlando again failed. While bloom took a shower and alcoholic drinks in the hotel room, the hotel staff was combing the corridors and inspected the trash cans to ensure the safety of the stars. In the end to dinner with Metropolitan celebrities bloom arrived much later than expected, and has not given me especially to stay there.After dinner in the restaurant bloom went to a nightclub. Left without supervision, the bride, the artist continued to fulfill their sexual fantasies. In the evening, at the invitation of the organizers to his escort was joined by the two beauties. The girls were chosen, that is, for every taste - a blonde and a brunette. Gorgeous't believe his luck, and almost got into a fight for the attention of a Hollywood star. To calm the overly excited beauties, security several times bred them to different corners and offered a drink. But Violetta and Julia refused alcohol.- We can not drink, we're at work, " admitted the girl.Surrounded by sexy girlfriends bloom danced in a nightclub until dawn, after which left the club with them. Source: Orlando bloom has put the organizers spicy condition.

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