Basque abandoned son because of being too busy

titleSinger Nikolay Baskov and his ex-wife Svetlana Spiegel has lived legally married six years. This Union was disbanded despite having a young son, Bronislaw. Divorce broke out, when my baby was just a year and a half.On the causes of divorce and its consequences then there were a lot of rumors. Must have known one thing: to keep warm relations between spouses failed.In this situation, the Basques have not seen it possible for her to communicate with her son, and Svetlana did not insist. The baby singer always said with some bitterness, hoping that time will put everything in its place.Now, when the moment of parting Nicholas and Svetlana year has passed and emotions calmed down a little, Bronislaw still barely see my dad. According to the ex-wife of the artist, he gave up the baby because of the excessive employment."Rarely seen, because dad is constantly on tour," says Svetlana. "He's just not up to the child. Here's my father - he just goes by his grandson crazy, because Bronislaw like a son to him".By the way, the name of the boy is a dual one: his father and grandfather."He's Bronislaw Basque-Spiegel. Honestly, I don't want to think about, will help or hinder my son is a well-known name. He is still too young. Two and a half years. Interested in football. Very lively and active boy. The joy of the whole family," shared the young mother.About parting with Nikolai Baskov Svetlana now says philosophically and does not deny that in the future will get married again."I believe that marriage is such a system in which both need to work on relations, - expressed his point of view Spiegel. - If one of them forgets about it, then everything can fall apart. About the way we happened to Nicholas. We grew up and realized that strangers to each other. As for Nicholas, do not need to be discounted, because he was my first love. I even will tell more: I like those novels, it was very, very little, because I soon got married and nick has become for me a lot. Time passes, people change, feelings change... It's okay. Need to find the strength to cope and forgive".When her life will be held new marriage, Svetlana still can't tell. But internally she is important step.Career career, but I want to start a family - she admitted in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - What kind of man I might like? Smart. I was with him should be interesting. It's hard to describe his character, because I don't create ideals. And then, I'm a wise girl, sometimes talk to the person five minutes - and everything is clear. And I want depth... I think it's fate to meet my man, my second half. Now I'm open to new relationships, although some time ago not even allow such a thought, because divorce is difficult. Hard, to cross the line, to forgive and go on with their lives. I was able to do." Source: Basque abandoned son because of being too busy.

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