In the USA a novel by Updike, `the widows of Eastwick`

titleOctober 21, 2008 in American bookstores will appear novel by John Updike The Widows of Eastwick" ("widows of Eastwick"), a sequel to his famous book 1984, "The Witches of Eastwick" ("the witches of Eastwick").In The New York Times October 20, there was a review of the novel written by Michiko of Kakutani, one of the leading newspaper critics in the United States.The heroine of the first book - the witches Alexandra Spofford, Jane Smart and sukie Rougemont - return to summer in the town of Eastwick in the state of Rhode island thirty years after the history with the mysterious seducer Darryl van Horne. All three ladies aged and widowed, and Eastwick, the town, once full of temptations for young women, over the years turned into a boring place, where they live a wealthy family, protecting your morals "in the 50s". Only in the 2000s pubs turned into sports bars, and everyone is obsessed with electronics.Witches who have lost their magical abilities, I hope at least partly to restore their confidence, and at the same time to try to atone for the death of their rival Jenny Gabriel.According to Michiko, Kakutani, "widows of Eastwick" is written with the same elegiac tone, which appeared in Updike's novel "Rabbit at rest" (1990), which brought the writer a Pulitzer prize. Source: In the USA a novel by Updike "widows of Eastwick"".

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