In Moscow killed herself Valentin Polanski

titleIn Moscow on 3 January had committed suicide Hero of Russia, Colonel VDV Valentin Polanski, reports "Interfax" with reference to anonymous source in law enforcement bodies.With a gunshot wound, he was discovered in his apartment on the street Tsymljanskay about half past four in the morning. Polanski was sent to the Institute of emergency care named after Sklifosovsky, where he never regained consciousness and died an hour later.On a scene has arrived operatively-an investigation team. As informs "Interfax", according to preliminary data, Valentin Polanski shot of premium gun: the first shot he fired into the floor, the second himself in the chest.The representative of the information Department of the Moscow police confirmed to the news Agency RIA Novosti that Valentin Polanski had committed suicide. That Polanski was himself, the law enforcement authorities have told his wife.Recall that Valentin Polanski received the title of Hero of Russia for the assault on the heights, captured by militants Khattab during the attack on Dagestan in 1999.In 2008, Polanski became involved in the case and was accused of assault and battery of a police officer on a subway Kozhukhovskaya, but was acquitted.Polanski himself at trial, argued that everything happened exactly the opposite - that he was beaten by police when he made his remark. The process was stopped in connection with reconciliation of the parties.Vladimir Polyansky was a supporter of one of the representatives of the Russian opposition Mikhail Kasyanov and was a member of led Kasyanov's Russian people's democratic Union (rnds). Source: Moscow committed suicide Valentin Polanski.

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