In Ukraine killed a famous athlete

titleThe former world champion in the hammer throw, 53-year-old Yuri Zabolotnogo killed by a knife in the heart in his own apartment in Yavoriv district of Lviv region.As reported in Department of public relations of head Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Lviv region, on 17 January, about ten o'clock in the morning to the athlete in the house came a man. Yuri Zabolotny found with stab wounds. Meanwhile, as informs "Interfax", the police on Sunday arrested on suspicion of the murder of 58-year-old inhabitant of the district, earlier repeatedly judged. According to preliminary data, he came to the Beach to beg for money for drugs, but was refused and killed a former athlete.I must say that about a month ago in the Krasnoyarsk region was found murdered 23-year-old champion on fights without rules Zakir Balashov. According to representatives of law enforcement bodies, the athlete's body with a gunshot wound to the head was discovered on December 10 near the railway station, Zaletaev in perfect conditions the area of the region. "The dead man was identified immediately. Zakir Balashov - Azerbaijani citizen, lived in the town of Achinsk of Krasnoyarsk region", - said the employee of law enforcement bodies. He also noted that up to this point, upon the death of the Russian champion on fights without rules criminal case under article "Murder".Coach killed athlete of Azad Orazmuradov put forward his version of the incident. "In the yard waiting for him came from Abakan familiar. Probably, between them there was a conflict that led to the murder of my ward. Worst of all, the criminals have not been apprehended. They may have left Siberia, and maybe also from Russia. In Prosecutor's office reported that despite the presence of suspects, no one was arrested," said Orazmuradov. Source: Ukraine killed a famous athlete.

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