Mel Gibson's hiding Russian mistress

titleStrange things written about Mel Gibson Western blogs. Like old Chalk has a secret mistress - Russian girl Oksana!Say, more than once or twice Oksana appeared on the set of the new film Gibson's "Edge of Darkness", but very well avoided the paparazzi. So the other day held a regular occurrence Oksana in the film - or rather, in between these.The paparazzi, of course, heavily watched and beauty filmed. The question of what binds a Russian girl and Mel Gibson, is still open, for accurate facts about the nature of their relationship there. Recall that Mel is already 28 years old married to Robyn Gibson, has on it a bunch of children and is considered to be an exemplary family man - the spicier looks beside him, a Russian Oksana. Sources confirm that demoscene no role in the film, so her appearance at the site causes issues.The representative of Gisbon insists that she is "one of the artists record label Gibson in the United States." First time I hear about such label: Chalk - a music producer? I'm in the music no expert and may have missed this fact of his biography, so experts may suggest, and we'll look at Oksana. Source: Mel Gibson hides Russian mistress.

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