Incurable disease Michael j Fox

titleMichael J. Fox, is remembered for his trilogy "Back to the future", already 10 years struggling with Parkinson's disease. The disease is incurable, but Michael admitted to People magazine that does not lose hope and optimistic about the future."Based on my current health, I'll be fine for another ten years!", - said the actor.Now 47-year-old Michael is busy raising four children with his wife Tracy Pollan and is active in his charitable Foundation to study Parkinson's disease. Fox has already invested in the Fund of more than $ 140 million.The actor explained that he had found a successful cobmination medication that controls the symptoms. Although, as he himself admits, disease progression is inevitable - and antupit day will not help any of Lekarstva. But Michael advises not to feel sorry for him - in any case, his life, and he calls it amazing, even if it has a place for Parkinson's! Source: an Incurable disease Michael j Fox.

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