Jasmine and Timothy foretold the collapse

titleCult music critic Artemy Troitsky criticized domestic pop music and in connection with the financial crisis foretold the collapse of a number of artists."People who are laid off from work and have no money, all these glamorous, chocolatesthe hugging Chicks driving around in BMW and miserable characters should be annoying. If something and will enjoy in the near future success, it will be something poor and mentally comforting. Something like "lube", Alla Pugacheva, chanson, Tanya Bulanova, there are singers suffering, weeping, which is too bad, but they are comforted, calm.Artists who do not fit into this image, go down - expressed their forecasts Trinity in an interview with the Internet channel Russia.Ru. - Relatively speaking, this is Timothy, Jasmine and others. Suppose that some other artists may be able to blend in and out of preparandose go to the harsh reality. Valery Meladze will his luscious baritone voice something to sing about sorrow and disasters and to surround themselves not with some model Chicks, half naked, and poor women from the counter or from the queue for benefits. I think some funny mutations are possible".Critic questioned the adequacy of the success of some artists. "Our Russian pop music is soulless, dumb, idiotic, meaningless and no music played not cause the slightest trust celluloid puppets-performers. To understand the popularity of the group "Brilliant" or Dima Bilan I can't, " shrugged Artemy. - I think that's just the result of some mass suggestion and advertising hypnosis. Naturally, all of these pop artists are capable of so sit your fat or skinny Asses on the ears of our audience only by a massive introduction of their "creativity", and in fact, product, television, radio and other mass media".Trinity spoke about how pop singers earn their millions. "Russia is the only country in the world where pop artists earn most of their income not by selling records and public concerts as Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John and others, but at the expense of corporate events. Find out if the structure of income Valery Meladze, the group "VIA Gra" or anyone from our music elite, I think it would: through the sale of audio carriers they earn 1-2% of his shaft, at the expense of public concerts - another 20-30%, not more, the rest of the 60-70 and 80% of the money donated to them by corporate. There fees are higher, and moonlights as anything," said Artemije.Now in our country will begin the "new year's ches" artists. According to critics, this year they will earn much less than previously. "Last year, the artists of the class And gave several performances each evening, each of them brought them from 30 to 100 or more thousand euros. Judging by the shaft, earnings Madonna compared to earnings of our pop stars grow dim. She, of course, fees and more, but the concert is much less. Twice a week at best, if she's on tour. And here, please: three or four per day, new year's eve and six-seven-eight. Philip or Maxim Galkin a million, two million per month could earn. Of course, not in rubles, " said Trinity. - This year the situation will be somewhat different. Corporate events are canceled, fees are down, I believe that this entire market fell three times, maybe four.".

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