Maksim will meet the New year in a circle of close friends

titleFor the first time in many years the New year I will meet in his Moscow apartment in the circle of people close to me, she said in an interview, "Only the stars".- I hope there will be many, and the holiday will turn out really fun (laughs). I have already put up a huge Christmas tree to the ceiling, and although I prefer live, this year I have is artificial.However, I'm not particularly allowed to climb on a ladder to hang a toy, but when no one is home, I quietly climb up there, where you want, and then quickly peel off, so that no one noticed (laughs). That's why decorate the house for a very long time, but still not a quitter, and my house will turn out bright and colorful.I love the New year because it is celebrated everything: children and adults succumb to the fun and cook a variety of dishes. Festive table in my family usually looks nice for a maximum of ten minutes, and then turns into a real horror (laughs). I definitely wear her best dress. In my childhood my mother always told me that in the New year you need to join with some new thing. So you too think about it, if you want a good year!As for gifts, their singer always chooses long and carefully, unlike those people who prefer to be purchased two hours before fun.- Presents for friends I bought a lot, and they took the whole Cabinet. Some hang on the Christmas tree: this is a very beautiful Christmas decorations made antique. Most importantly, I wish for the New year, about my current situation, so I wish that everything was great. By the way, in the coming year I want to implement two generic processes: to give birth and to release a new album. The girl I will be older, and the boy-album - Junior (smiles). Source: Maksim will meet the New year in a circle of close friends.

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