Nadya Granovskaya decided to go back to `VIA gra`

titleThis long-term fans of the team already and could not hope for. Sexy brunette Nadia Granovskaya, with great exciting shapes and flexible body, left the band three years ago. Like, so tired that even began aerophobia because of constant stress.Ahotels more time to devote himself to try your hand at a solo voyage. And as if the producers tried to keep the beauty, she has already decided.After the "VIA gra" Nadia has worked as a TV presenter on Ukrainian TV channel under his real name Meyher (co-producer - singer alias) - led the program "Incredible love story". About show business did not forget - participated in dance shows, learned how to sing vocal.And all this time Hope said that the return cannot be and speeches. But as they say, old love does not rust. Immediately after the New Year, the girl returned to his "Alma Mater," a group of Konstantin Meladze and Dmitry Kostyuk "VIA Gra". Instead Meseda Bagaudinova, which has worked in the group for about a year.By the way: this is not the first time Granovskaya returned to the group. The first "care" was associated with pregnancy Nadi in 2002-m to year. But, just three weeks after the birth of their son Igor Granovsky returned to the stage for the first time. Only girl has been on the job for five years. Source: Nadya Granovskaya decided to return to the "VIA gra"".

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