Personal grief Maria Golubkina

titleMaria Golubkina after divorce with Nikolay Fomenko some time dwelt in shock. Only plunged headlong into work on the set of "Rural comedies" famous actress was recovering.Started talking like Golubkina's even become a contender for the hand and heart. However, the actress rumors about a hypothetical marriage denies."No, I'm married, don't worry. I've been married for Nikolay Vladimirovich, for him and will remain - says Golubkina. - I have two children and a husband, father of these children. Well, unfortunately, this is such a tragedy for me, maybe for children. Yes, in General, for all actually. I am totally against divorce, although carried out this horrible thing. I want to save the marriage at any cost. So we will remain faithful there, idle. That's all.".

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