Pugachev dispersed state radio `Alla`

titleThe global financial crisis without reducing speed, makes thoughtful new business, including, as you know, a lot of popular artists.A few days ago, the problem has swept radioprotective ProfMedia: the wave of layoffs has overtaken the radio "Alla", unchanged artistic Director of which is Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.The other day, about 20 employees known radio got turned down in the form of an order of dismissal from the Divas. The planned downsizing - so announced the elimination of the extra "heads" on 98.8 FM Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. As we found out LIFE.RU Alla Borisovna personally signed a fateful order of dismissal of personnel.The staff remained nothing how to leave the ethereal abode.- 98.8 FM waves have subsided, we are few but we vests, joke the staff of the radio "Alla".By the way, radiodread really did not notice the loss of soldiers: esters regularly continue daily to please their listeners on a familiar wave. Not only those who came under unexpected reducing the already small staff.The Diva ex-subordinates do not take offense, leaving loved the office, they even tried to joke.- All are kings, kings can do everything, not losing optimism, singing, left their classrooms dismissed employees. Soon radio host and full-time employees are forced to find a new place.- I think I can find a decent job and on the other station, it is not so critical, at all, - shared with LIFE.RU Sergei, a former VJ radio "Alla". Source: Pugachev dispersed state radio "Alla"".

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