State of emergency on the set of the show `Laughter without rules`

titleThe present emergency has occurred on the set of the popular Comedy show channel TNT "Laughter without rules": the TV presenter Vladimir Turchinsky so much pushed the project participant that had the cast.The most famous Russian Gladiator Vladimir "Dynamite" Turchinsky has not calculated the forces and almost broke the hand of a 21-year-old student from St. Petersburg Sergey Mastobaev.Guy for a long time can not forget the attempt to try their hand at one of the highest-rated show, "Laughter without rules".Sergey has successfully passed the casting for the project and was invited to record a programme. However, the jury, consisting entirely of celebrities, did not appreciate jokes Sergei. During his speech now and then was heard a sharp signal, which meant that it's not funny.TraumaAfter the third signal, as provided in the scenario to a potential resident approached the Turchinsky and threw him from the ring. Apparently, the leader has not calculated the forces. Puny Sergey nearly flew through the soft Mat and collapsed to the hand.Guy pierced severe pain and after a few seconds his left hand began to swell. In the pavilion where they filmed the show, the doctor was not there. Sergey even there was no one to give first aid.Seeing distorted in pain the person of the participant, the producers immediately taken to hospital. Botkin. X-rays showed that the humorist dislocation of the index finger of his left hand. Before you put a cast on it, the surgeons had to reduce a dislocation.TV crew asked him not to declare in militia,- has shared with doctor clinic. - Said that all will take care of it. Source: state of emergency on the set of the show "Laughter without rules"".

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