Doctors recommend Rotaru to leave the stage

titleSofia Rotaru has exacerbated health problems because of an incurable disease she loses her amazing voice. Doctors recommend that 61-year-old singer to leave the stage. Professor Vladimir Navrotsky, the first physician of the actress admitted.I don't know how Sofia Mikhailovna with a throat could actually sing! Her chronic bronchitis superimposed on asthma symptoms. The throat and bronchi were much inflamed, and if the singer hesitated to treatment, the throat and the voice does could not be saved.Problems with the throat and lungs Rotaru started at a young age, 28 years. The singer was working on wear: three to four concerts a day in the cold air were the norm for her. All of her singing career, in fact, later became the fight against serious illness.- I first saw Sofia Rotaru in the mid-70s, " says MD Navrotsky. She came to us at the Institute of climatology to be treated. She was advised to move to Yalta. Of course, the singers voice problems are, but Sophia Mikhailovna they are permanent. With asthma and chronic bronchitis is simply impossible to sing!Disease threatens not only the loss of voice - the singer's life is in danger. The main symptom of asthma is recurrent attacks of breathlessness. They are terrible: in patients the feeling that they threw a rope around the neck. Wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest. Sofia Rotaru works not sparing himself. She learned to live with their illness, anticipating complications.- I almost always know when they get sick, " she admitted once to the doctors.But lie down in bed during exacerbations was not always the case. Several times, the singer appeared onstage even with pneumonia, the newspaper "Life".- Rotaru had hard times, - the patient complains of Vladimir Navrotsky. She is very energetic and honest person, will never work under a soundtrack. This is very bad for the ligaments. Unfortunately, chronic bronchitis is an incurable disease. It can only be slowed down, which we did.Even folk remedies was treated, gave bath of thyme. Of course, the great help we received and Yalta climate. Transfer to Yalta became Rotaru salvation.The singer chose a house in the resort town. For several months she lived in a sanatorium, then first Secretary of the Crimean regional Committee of the Communist party gave her an apartment.- The living space she was given in an ordinary five-story building on the outskirts of Yalta, three hundred meters from the resort, where we treated her, " recalls the doctor Rotaru. - With this apartment and linked one funny thing. Sophia Mikhailovna worked as a housewife, which dismissed the rumor that a visit to Rotaru should come Pugachev. And on the appointed day, half of Yalta gathered at the entrance Rotaru with flowers - everyone was waiting for the diva. Indeed, the housewife did not disappoint - Pugachev came in a white dress, with a bouquet of flowers, went to the porch and... wrong floor. Calls to the apartment, she opens a middle-aged woman. This lady, seeing hypnotherapy, fell on his knees before her in surprise: Alla Borisovna she came to visit. Then Rotaru built a house in the area of greater Yalta, near the Nikitsky Botanical garden. Another place that would be ideal for her health, just no. Source: Doctors recommend Rotaru to leave the stage.

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